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Student Theses -

Some students are working on thesis projects with academic members of our team.

There are currently eight approved student research projects.


The following is a list of project titles and a condensed descriptions of each. For more information on specific Student projects (including persons responsible and outputs of the projects with hyperlinks), view the printable fact sheet by clicking on "Full Document" (pdf) after the project listing.



Project S.2 Let Them In, But Keep Them Out: Liminality of the First-born Chinese Prince Edward Islanders

 It is important for Prince Edward Islanders to be aware that if they are not Mi’kmaq, then they descend from immigrants. All immigrants go through similar processes in integrating. According to this research, this process can be more intense and more difficult on an Island... Full Document


Project S.3 Domestic Violence Research Project (SN2)

Primary data collection with eight justice service front line delivery workers (4 NS/4 PEI) to review services provided for female victims of domestic violence in small island/rural communities... Full Document


Project S.4 The Policy context for Co-operatives in New Brunswick. Masters in Philosophy thesis, UNB (SN1)

Objectives: I will highlight the need for government support to aid community enterprises in succeeding. I also will assess the impact of government policies... Full Document


Project S.5 Cultivating Food Security in Nova Scotia Public Schools:  A Case Study of an Elementary School Garden Project. Master’s Thesis – Applied Human Nutrition

Given the potential of school gardens in building CFS, and the calls for further evaluation, this research will use case study methods to explore the value of school gardens... Full Document


Project S.10 Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland: A Comparative Assessment of Two Islands As Viable Destinations for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The purpose of the study is to examine the social and economic experiences of international immigrant entrepreneurs who have settled in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Newfoundland (NL) over the past two decades... Full Document


Project S.11 Contribution d’une enterprise d’économie sociale à l’alimentation de proximité et à la sécurité alimentaire : le cas de la RCN dans le sud-est du NB

Notre recherche fut menée lors de cette année académique dans le cadre du programme de Maîtrise en Étude de l’environnement à l’Université de Moncton... Full Document


Project S.12 At the intersection of a crisis?  Examining the ability of New Brunswick’s non-profit organizations to meet the need for home care in the twenty-first century

The purpose of this case study will be to explore both the social factors and the institutional processes that structure the provision of home care and the delivery of home care services and programs by nonprofit organizations... Full Document

Project S.13 Examining the Risk of Lost Knowledge with Personnel Changes in small nonprofit organizations on PEI

The proposed study will examine how small nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are managing the risk of lost knowledge associated with changes in key personnel... Full Document