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Sub-node 3 - Mobilization Around Issues of Food Security



Dr. Patty Williams

Mount Saint Vincent University


Sub-node 3 currently has six approved projects.

The following is a list of project titles and a condensed descriptions of each. For more information on specific SN3 projects (including persons responsible and outputs of the projects with hyperlinks), view the printable fact sheet by clicking on "Full Document" (pdf) after the project listing.

Project 3.1 Food Box Program: Current and Potential Contributions to the Social Economy

This project is evaluating the KAP Food Box program’s contributions and potential contributions to the social economy including benefits and challenges from the perspective of other vulnerable groups that might benefit from access... Full Document


Project 3.2 Community Forum on Food Security and the Social Economy

The purpose of the forum was to bring together local politicians, farmers, representatives from local organizations, researchers, students, public health staff and community members already involved or with an interest in becoming involved in community food security and food systems in the Annapolis, Kings and Hants Counties... Full Document


Project 3.3 Mobilization around Food Security within the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships: A National Scan

The purpose of the national scan of food security research within the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP) was to fuel discussions within the SES/ÉSD Network and SN3 around potential collaborations and future research... Full Document


Project 3.4 Identification of Barriers and Tools to Support Community Mobilization and Action on Sustainable Food Purchasing Decisions

Consumers are increasingly interested in using their values and ethical principles in making food purchasing decisions, wanting to know where and under what conditions their food is produced... Full Document

Project 3.5 Making Healthy, Local Food Possible: Rural Community Solutions This project aimed to address individual, household and community food insecurity by increasing the amount of fresh produce available to families... Full Document

Project 3.6 Forum on Community Food Security and the Social Economy
This forum brought together research partners, community members and those involved SN3 research and other initiatives related to food security and the social economy...Full Document