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Dr. Irené Novaczek

Institute for Island Studies

University of Prince Edward Island


Sub-node 2 currently has fifteen approved projects.

The following is a list of project titles and a condensed descriptions of each. For more information on specific SN2 projects (including persons responsible and outputs of the projects with hyperlinks), view the printable fact sheet by clicking on "Full Document" (pdf) after the project listing.

Project 2.1       Project 2.2           Project 2.3          Project 2.4         Project 2.5    

Project  2.6      Project 2.7(a)     Project 2.7(b)    Project 2.7(c)    Project 2.8    Project 2.10     Project 2.11        Project 2.14        Project 2.17       Project 2.18   


Project 2.1 Launching rural women’s entrepreneurship

We are rural mothers of young children striving for economic self-sufficiency and development of community.  The successful establishment of the LEAP co-operative will serve as a model for bottom-up growth of the social economy... Full Document


Project 2.2 Community Accounts - PEI

Community Accounts are innovative user friendly information systems providing reliable statistics on social, economic and environmental matters... Full document


Project 2.3 Youth Engagement in Hillsborough Park (Global Culture, Local meanings and contested community): Redefining Youth Apathy

This project is the second phase of a three-phase research project whose aim is to contextualize the lived experiences of young people in the community of Hillsborough Park... Full Document

Project 2.4 Advocating changes to maternity & parental benefits legislation This initiative will address the issue of women’s economic autonomy. It will build on our original research of the current parental benefits legislation and our extensive consultation process...Full Document

Project 2.5 The role of women in the fishery and Fisheries Management

 The purpose of this research project is to investigate the role women play in the PEI fishery and its management. There is an identified need to understand the role of women in the fishing enterprise... Full Document


Project 2.6 Mapping supports for the social economy

The intent of the project is to measure the extent and impacts of changes to federal and provincial government supports for social economy organizations on Prince Edward Island... Full Document

Project 2.7(a) Indigenous Community Development: Phase I – Ethnobotany Issues of inclusion and empowerment are critical to the economic development and cultural survival of aboriginal peoples. Reclaiming and protecting indigenous ecological knowledge... Full Document

Project 2.7(b) Indigenous Community Development: Phase II – Microenterprise

This project researched micro enterprise as a vessel for empowerment and inclusion of marginalized people with regard to economic development and cultural survival... Full Document  


Project 2.7C Indigenous Community Development: Phase III – Youth Engagement with Community and Natural Resources

The main research question for this project is: how can youth be engaged, included and empowered in their community with a focus on sustainable resource management? ... Full Document


Project 2.8 PEI Organic Farmer-Citizen Co-operative

Small-scale agriculture is disappearing because our current economic system with its low commodity prices cannot provide a sustainable income for small farms.  Yet many people on PEI want to support small-scale farming...Full Document


Project 2.10 Access of Adults with Learning Disabilities to Post-secondary Education

This research aims to identify the barriers facing adult learners with learning difficulties in post-secondary and basic education settings, and will also aim to identify solutions to these barriers... Full Document


Project 2.11 Internationally Educated Health Professionals in PEI: Why They Come, Why They Stay, and the Challenges They Face

The purpose of this study is to better understand the concerns and challenges that internationally educated health professionals have about coming and staying on Prince Edward Island... Full Document


Project 2.14 Beyond Silence

This project uses participatory action research to document the formative and summative results of a multi-phase community development project for the prevention of child sexual abuse. The project will document the processes of education and empowerment ... Full Document


Project 2.17 Community engagement in developing domestic fair trade for food products

This project will document regional and national fair trade initiatives, a history of fair trade, and successes and challenges in establishing and maintaining fair trade practice.... Full Document


Project 2.18 Quality of Life and Environmental Awareness Survey

The Trout River Environmental Committee Inc. wishes to complete a survey designed to gather information about watershed residents’ perceptions of quality of life within the watershed... Full Document