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Sub-node 1  -  Mapping & Policy Analysis



Dr. Luc Thériault

University of New Brunswick



Sub-node 1 currently has eight approved projects.

The following is a list of project titles and a condensed descriptions of each. For more information on specific SN1 projects (including persons responsible and outputs of the projects with hyperlinks), view the printable fact sheet by clicking on "Full Document" (pdf) after the project listing.

Project 1.1 Survey of Co-ops and Credit Unions in Atlantic Canada

As part of its large research program, the Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network decided in 2006 to prepare and conduct a survey of co-operatives and credit unions in all four provinces of Atlantic Canada... Full Document


Project 1.2 – Atlantic Node Community Partners’ Profiles

Following along the same lines as the BC Social Economy Roundtable’s A Social Economy Showcase: BC Stories, we will be creating profiles, with our community partner organizations, of our Network partners... Full Document


Project 1.3 Fishing for the Future II: Tracking the Coastal Communities Network from First Beginnings to Economic Sustainability

This project is a case study of the birth and evolution of an organization which fits squarely into the concept of the social economy. It is exploring the process that the Coastal Communities Network has undergone ... Full Document


Project 1.4 Les politiques gouvernementales comme support aux organismes communautaires de gestion viable des groupes de basins versants: analyses des politiques et recommandations

L’étude proposée veut examiner comment les groupes et organisations communautaires de l’économie sociale œuvrant dans les secteurs du développement durable... Full Document


Project 1.5 Profil de l’ancienne et de la nouvelle économie sociale dans le développement territorial des Îles acadiennes (Lamèque et Miscou)

Le territoire des Îles acadiennes regroupe deux îles (Lamèque et Miscou) situées dans la pointe nord-est de la péninsule acadienne. Sur le plan de la gouvernance locale... Full Document


Project 1.6 Policies that support bridging, bonding and building between government and the social economy in Atlantic Canada

This project is the preliminary stage of an Atlantic-wide public policy scan and policy evaluation which is conducting an inventory of federal and provincial legislation... Full Document


Project 1.7 SES Research Network Policy Threads Inventory and Analysis

The general aim of the ‘Policy Threads’ project is to help clarify policy issues relating to the social economy in the Atlantic region, based on work already done by researchers who are members of the SES Research Network... Full Document


Project 1.8 Cultural Co-operatives in Atlantic Canada: Progress and Governance

In Atlantic Canada, cultural co-operatives play an important role in fostering artistic talent, disseminating cultural workers and obtaining a fair market price for arts and handicrafts otherwise exploited... Full Document

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