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BuildingPolicy4 the Social Economy


Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2009


The network held the Policy Colloquium September 30- October 2 2009. With over 100 participants in attendance.


The agenda (with workshop information), Presentations, Cafe Session posters/handouts and speaker audio files are available below. Background papers/information is also available.


Click here for a follow up letter from the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP). This includes updates on the public policy-related research initiatives within CSERP. Click for the E bulletin (french) mentioned.


Click to View the Colloquium Objectives (doc, 30.5kb)


Click here for the Policy Colloquium Agenda (doc, 50.5KB)


Audio Files


Day One:
Brodhead Address

Day Two:
Day One Summary
Plenary Session One - Introduction
Plenary Session One - Mendell and Neamtan
Plenary Session One - Myers
Plenary Session One - Questions
Plenary Session Two - Introduction
Plenary Session Two - Reid
Plenary Session Two - Lavoie
Plenary Session Two - Ville de Lamèque
Plenary Session Two - Questions

Day Three:
Day Two Summary
Plenary Session Three - Vaillancourt and Fancey
Plenary Session Three - Downing
Plenary Session Three - Questions
Closing Remarks


Café Session Posters

You may find that you have to zoom out (using the view toolbar) to view the entire poster. The accompanying handouts (English and French) are available as another format for viewing the material presented.


Fact Sheet handouts

References (pdf, 343.35KB)

New Brunswick (pdf, 1040.33KB)

Prince Edward Island (pdf, 1072.18KB)

Nova Scotia (pdf, 1068.32KB)

Newfoundland & Labrador (pdf, 911.75KB)

The original fact sheet posters can be found here

Background Materials:

Advancing the Social Economy for Socio- Economic Development: International perspectives (pdf, 879.91KB)

Guide Knowledge Mobilization & Research Partnerships   /  Guide Valorisation et Guide Recherche partenariale (pdf, 472.56KB)

Laboratoire de recherche sur les pratiques et les politiques sociales (pdf, 276.18KB)

The Importance of Policy for Community Economic Development (pdf, 3196.66KB)

Policies that support bridging, bonding and building between government and the social economy in Atlantic Canada (pdf, 968.15KB)

Government Policies towards Community Economic Development and the Social Economy in Quebec and Manitoba (pdf, 4119.05KB)

FR/ENG. A Gathering of Counterparts: Collaboration between Gov't and Nonprofits/Voluntary Sector (pdf, 1641.30KB)

A Manual developed by the Community-Government Collaboration on Policy.  Caledon Institute (2009). (pdf, 5003.11KB)


CCEDNET 2010 National Summit information coming to their website soon