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Cybersecurity Course for Staff and Faculty 

To help protect you from cybercrime, IT&S is piloting an online cybersecurity course available on Mount Training to all faculty and staff, "Cybersecurity 101: Phishing and Ransomware."  

By taking this course, you will learn: 

  1. The red flags of phishing emails 
  2. How to spot fake login forms, and  
  3. Strategies to protect yourself from phishing and malware, including ransomware.  
To take the course: 
  1. Go to the Mount Training site 
  2. Log in with your Mount username and password 
  3. Click on the "Technology" course category 
  4. Click on "Cybersecurity 101: Phishing and Ransomware" 
  5. Click the "Enrol me" button 
Please contact the IT&S Helpdesk with any questions or suggestions at or 902-457-6538.