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Career Counselling

One of the biggest challenges many university students face is making a career choice. Career counsellors facilitate the career planning process by discussing and taking students through exercises and/or testing that will help you determine how your interests, values, skills, and overall personality might fit with various career options. A career counsellor cannot tell you what career is best for you, however, career counselling may help you become better able to make a suitable career decision

Career Planning Process

It is helpful to think of career planning as a cycle that repeats itself many times over one's lifetime as circumstances change and new opportunities arise. Whether planning your first career, or considering a new career, it is important to start with a self-assessment.

Refer to the following Career Planning Process any time you are considering a new career direction. Remember that sometimes you will find yourself doing more than one step at any given time (for example, performing self-assessment exercises while also searching for a summer job).

Career Planning Process (pdf)

Career Counsellors are available to assist current students at any stage of the process. All registered students (up to 3 months after graduation) are eligible to book an individual appointment with a career counsellor.

 Contact us to book an appointment - by emailing, or by calling (902) 457-6139.