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Career Resources and Web Links

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Visit Career Planning Services located in Evaristus 218 and discover a library of resources to help you with career planning and job searching.

Career Assistants are available to help you explore our extensive collection of resources including: 

Career Planning:

The Riley Guide - A comprehensive directory that links you to valuable career and employment resources on the Internet.

CNIB Library - Career and job hunting resources available in audio and braille. Popular titles include Best Canadian Cover Letters, The Google Resume, Life After College and Green Careers for Dummies.

Career Development Manual, University of Waterloo - an excellent resource that covers all the steps of the career planning and job search process to help you find your career path (demo, subscription required).

  • Talent Egg - Articles, videos, job postings and more for Canadian students and new graduates seeking internships, entry-level & summer jobs.
  • Career Edge - Paid internship and job opportunities for recent graduates, internationally qualified professionals and graduates with disabilities. Includes articles and resources.
  • Mazemaster - Targeted at youth aged 16 to 29, this site contains interactive tools to help you discover your skills, interests, and values.

    Nextsteps - Canadian youth oriented career and employment planning site operated by the City of Calgary.

    My Career Info - A new website designed to help students, graduates, and entry-level employees match their education, skills, desires, and goals with jobs. www.Mycareerinfo.ca features resume and interview tips, online budgeting tools, information on job market trends, and links to job postings.

    Green Business Jobs - An employment and internship search engine focused on ecological and sustainable development job offers

    Career Cruising - A Canadian site that profiles over 500 jobs that can be searched by title or field of interest.  Mount Saint Vincent University subscribes to this website and you will need an ID  and password to log on.  Call or visit Career Planning Centre for this information.

    Eluta New Graduate Job Search - Enter your degree and field of study and see which employers are looking for your skill set. Learn more about which grads are hired and the types of positions available, including summer and co-op work term possibilities.

    HRSDC Occupational Profiles (National Occupation Classification - NOC) - Describes occupations in terms of duties, educational/training requirements, salary expectations, and employment outlook. An aid for career decision making, the "Career Handbook" link on the left will provide information on various characteristics of the occupation, not available in the general NOC descriptions, such as aptitudes , interests, physical activities, etc.

    Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council (NSTHRC) - Career information and professional development resources for Nova Scotia's tourism & hospitality industry.

    Exploring Occupations, University of Manitoba Career Resource Centre - a site that provides information on various occupations ranging from Accounting to Zoology.

    NS Career Options - a great local resource where you can learn the labour market demand for occupations, as well as obtain lists of employers by region.

    Career Options Magazine - Learn from Canadian experts in the field. This magazine is published by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) of which the Mount is a proud member. Hard copies are available in Evaristus 218.

    The Art Career Project - Profiling a wide range of careers in art, including career overviews, information about what each type of artist does, educational requirements, and salary information.

    Careers in Culture - What you need to know to start a great career. Looking for a career in the cultural sector? Whether you want to become a musician, a video game designer, a film director, a dancer, a magazine publisher, a sculptor or a museum director, the new Careers in Culture booklets and website will help you research, plan and achieve your career goals.

    Environmental Careers Organization (ECO Canada) - Information about careers in Canada's environmental sector.

    CECAB (Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board) - ECO Canada in partnership with CECAB administers environmental professional certification to both Environmental Practitioners and Practitioners in training.

    Job Bank -  The Government of Canada's leading source for jobs and labour market information. It offers users free occupational and career information such as job opportunities, educational requirements, main duties, wage rates and salaries, current employment trends, and outlooks. The site can help people search for work, make career decisions, see what jobs will be in demand, and much more. Employers can also advertize jobs for free.

    Further Education: 

    U.S. Online Colleges Database - A database for information on Colleges and Universities across the United States.

    Canadian Post-Secondary School Finder - A database for information on college and university programs across Canada.

    PhDs.org - A database that allows you to search graduate and undergraduate schools in the United States. Also includes resources for finding work with a post-graduate degree.

    Gradschool Online Search Engine - A database that allows you to search worldwide graduate schools.

    Work and Study Abroad:

    MSVU Study Abroad Programs - Explore and compare our 28 different partner institutions in 12 different countries based on your field of study.  

    Study Abroad Programs - A site that links to information about study abroad programs in over 100 countries.

    Verge Magazine - A site that features articles about working, studying, volunteering and living abroad.

    Financial Awards:

    Finaid - Financial Aid Info - an excellent site where you can find out about student loans, scholarships and other types of financial aid to help pay for your education.

    CanLearn - Created by the Government of Canada, CanLearn is the source for interactive information and tools designed to help you save, plan, and pay for post-secondary education.

    Labour Market Trends:

    HRSDC Local Labour Market Reviews - Provides information on labour market trends in Nova Scotia.

    HRSDC Regional Labour Market Bulletins - Provides an analysis of the local labour markets and an assessment of local employment-related events.

    Job Futures, Occupational Outlook - provides current labour market conditions, earnings, and future employment prospects according to occupation.

    Canada's Best Jobs (2013) - The 50 best-paying, highest-demand jobs as tracked by Statistics Canada. 

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