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2018-19 Player Profiles - Coming Soon!


2017-18 Mount Mystics Player Profiles

A PDF our of Team Roster is available here.

Jackie Blank WebJackie Blank
Number: 1 / 29  Position: GoalKeeper
Home Town: Dartmouth, NS
Eligibility & Program: 5th BA
Breagh Laing WebBreagh Laing
Number: 3  Position: Forward
Home Town: Bedford, NS
Eligibility & Program: 2nd BBA
Julia Short WebJulia Short
Number: 5  Position: Defense
Home Town: Moncton, NB
Eligibility & Program: 1st BSN
Sage Dixon WebSage Dixon
Number: 6  Position: Defense/Midfield
Home Town: Middleton, NS
Eligibility: 4th BSc

Sarah Creamer WebSarah Creamer
Number: 7  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Miramichi, NB
Eligibility: 4th BScAHN

Bryanna MacPherson WebBryanna MacPherson
Number: 8  Position: Forward/Mid
Home Town: Hammonds Plains, NS
Eligibility: 1st BA
Ally Seamone WebAlly Seamone
Number: 9  Position: Midfield
Home Town: New Germany, NS
Eligibility: 1st BBA
Megan Andrews WebMegan Andrews
Number: 11  Position: Forward
Home Town: East Gore, NS
Eligibility: 1st BA
9 Katie BlackKatie Black
Number: 12  Position: Forward
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 5th BCHYS
 Meagan Watts WebMeagan Watts
Number: 14  Position: Forward
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 2nd BCs
Mariah Wright WebMariah Wright
Number: 15  Position: Forward
Home Town: Bedford, NS
Eligibility: 1st BA
Allana Khoury WebAllana Khoury
Number: 16  Position: Defense
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st BSc
Carleigh Romkey WebCarleigh Romkey
Number: 17  Position: Forward
Home Town: Dartmouth, NS
Eligibility: 1st BA
Emily Burke WebMarilyn Burke
Number: 18  Position: Forward
Home Town: New Waterford, NS
Eligibility: 3rd BPC
Nicole Ford WebNicole Ford
Number: 20  Position: Defense
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility & Program: 5th BSc
Alison Creaser Web Sept 2017Alison Creaser
Number: 21  Position: Defense
Home Town: Lunenburg, NS
Eligibility: 1st BEd
Paige Baker WebPaige Baker
Number: 22 Position: Defense
Home Town: Eastern Shore, NS
Eligibility: 4th BSc
Alison Greeno WebAly Greeno
Number: 27  Position: Forward
Home Town: Windsor, NS
Eligibility: 1st BPC