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2018-19 Player Profiles Coming Soon

2017-18 Player Profiles

Austin Luxton WebAustin Luxton
Number: 1  Position: Goal Keeper
Home Town: O'Leary, PEI
Eligibility: 4th BACY

Bandar Al Ghamdi WebBandar Al Ghamdi
Number: 3  Position: Wing
Home Town: Saudi Arabia
Eligibility: 1st BBA

Tom Wilding WebTom Wilding
Number: 4  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Sackville, NS
Eligibility: 3rd BBA
Chris Garagan WebChris Garagan
Number: 6  Position: Striker
Home Town: Coldbrook, NS
Eligibility: 3rd BA
Kwaku Agyare WebKwaku Agyare
Number: 7  Position: Striker
Home Town: Beechwood, NB
Eligibility: 3rd / BSc
Mitchel Doell WebMitchell Doell
Number: 8  Position: Centre / Mid
Home Town: Fairview, NS
Eligibility: 4th BBA
John Munroe WebJohn Munroe
Number: 9  Position: Defense
Home Town: Bedford, NS
Eligibility: 1st BSc
Ghairat Meevegul WebGhairat Meevegul
Number: 10  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 2nd NDG
Jordan Boyd WebJordan Boyd
Number: 11  Position: Striker
Home Town: Malagash, NS
Eligibility: 3rd  BPR
Jesse Thomson WebJesse Thomson - Captain
Number: 12  Position: Defense
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 3rd  BACY
Luc Andriopoulos WebLuc Andriopoulos
Number: 13  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 2nd BBA
Nick MacDonald WebNick MacDonald - Captain
Number: 15  Position: Defense
Home Town: Charlottetown, PEI
Eligibility: 5th / BBC
Rowan MacArthur WebRowan MacArthur
Number: 16  Position: Defense
Home Town: Chester Basin, NS
Eligibility: 3rd BBA
Nick Lindsay WebNick Lindsay
Number: 18  Position: Defense
Home Town: Truro, NS
Eligibility: 1st BSc
Poku Ofori-Atta WebPoku Ofori-Atta
Number: 19  Position: Wing
Home Town: Ghana
Eligibility: 1st BBA
Taza Yambayamba WebTaza Yambayamba
Number: 22  Position: Defense
Home Town: Lusaka, Zambia
Eligibility: 3rd BBA
Jonathan PhillipsJonathan Phillips
Number: 25  Position: Wing
Home Town: Bermuda
Eligibility: 1st BMC
Tim Doucett WebTim Doucett
Number: 26  Position: Wing
Home Town: Dartmouth, NS
Eligibility: 2nd BA