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Download the Team Roster (PDF)

Jacob Sheffar WebJacob Sheffar
Number: 4 Position: Guard
Home Town: Sackville, NS
Eligibility: 2nd

Ben Kidston WebBen Kidston
Number: 5  Position: Guard
Home Town: Dartmouth, NS
Eligibility: 3rd
Ashton Slawter WebAshton Slawter
Number: 6  Position: Guard 
Home Town: East Prseton, NS
Eligibility: 3rd

Liam Mitchell WebLiam Mitchell
Number: 7  Position: Guard 
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 3rd

Cameron Fillmore WebCameron Fillmore
Number: 8  Position: Forward
Home Town: Truro, NS
Eligibility: 1st
Wesley Bennett WebWesley Bennett
Number: 9  Position: Guard
Home Town: Baltimore, Maryland
Eligibility: 3rd
Joel McCrossin WebJoel McCrossin
Number: 10  Position: Centre 
Home Town: Amherst, NS
Eligibility: 2nd
Tyrese Paul WebTyrese Paul
Number: 11  Position: Forward
Home Town: Fredericton, NB
Eligibility: 1st
Curtis Ryan WebCurtis Ryan
Number: 12  Position: Guard 
Home Town: Sydney, NS
Eligibility: 2nd
Brody Blakney WebBrody Blakney
Number: 13  Position: Guard
Home Town: Riverview, NB
Eligibility: 2nd
Zach Ryan WebZach Ryan
Number: 15  Position: Guard
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st
Greg Dicks WebGreg Dicks
Number: 21  Position: Guard 
Home Town: Dartmouth, NS
Eligibility: 3rd
Brayden White WebBrayden White
Number: 22  Position: Forward
Home Town: Cornwall, PEI
Eligibility: 3rd
Andrew Thibault WebAndrew Thibault
Number: 23  Position: Forward
Home Town: Yarmouth, NS
Eligibility: 1st
Bradley Fuller WebBradley Fuller
Number: 24  Position: Forward
Home Town: Wolfville, NS
Eligibility: 5th
Nick Trainor WebNick Trainor
Number: 32  Position: Guard
Home Town: Enfield, NS
Eligibility: 1st
Haashim Abukar WebHaashim Abukar
Number: 33  Position: Forward
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st