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Meet our Athletes

Our MSVU Cross Country team is composed of athletes across the world. You can find more information about them below:

Click here to download the Team Roster (PDF)

Karley Brooking WebKarley Brooking
Home Town: Enfield, NS
Lara Cossart WebLara Cossart    
Home Town: Versailles, France
Amanda Fancy Web
Amanda Fancy
Home Town: Bridgewater, NS
Gillian Gamble Web
Gillian Gamble
Home Town: Dartmouth, NS
Taylor Wilson Web
Taylor Wilson
Home Town: Boiestown, NB
William Burns Web
William Burns
Home Town: Moncton, NB
Donald DeWolfe Web
Donald DeWolfe
Home Town: Cornwall, PE
Hanni Fagousse Web
Hani Fagousse
Home Town: Morocco