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Home Care Pathways Project

Underststock-photo-26355963-caregiver-with-senior-mananding clients’ journeys through provincial home care systems is critical to providing good quality care. “How approaches to care shape the pathways of older adult home care clients” (or "Home Care Pathways") is an interdisciplinary research project being conducted in Nova Scotia and Manitoba. The goal is to understand how approaches to care shape client pathways of older adult home care clients with chronic and long term conditions through the home care systems in the two provinces.

The interdisciplinary team includes researchers from Nova Scotia and Manitoba and sector representatives at the provincial and national iStock_000017050592Large croplevel. The project uses a mixed method approach which includes analysis of home care client data, case studies, and policy analysis. 

The project is funded through a Project Scheme Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2018 through to 2022.