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Current Projects:


Seniors-Adding Life To Years (SALTY)
Developing an APP for Caregivers of Persons with Dementia
Delaying Baby Boomer Retirement

Older Worker Employment and Labour Force Participation

Social Network Analysis: Advice Seeking Networks in Residential Long Term Care

Working CARERS Program

As well, we have representation on a number of committees/networks including the Nova Scotia Seniors Mental Health Network and the Fountain of Health Initiative.

Seniors-Adding Life To Years (SALTY)

Principal/Lead InvestigatorJanice Keefe (Mount Saint Vincent University)

Leadership Team

Research Team

Dr. Janice Keefe (MSVU), Scientific Lead; Dr. Carole Estabrooks, Co-Scientific Lead, University of Alberta;  Dr. Leah MacDonald, Clinical Lead, Vancouver Island Health Authority; Heather Cook, Lead Knowledge User, Interior Health Authority; Heather Fifield, Lead Patient/Family Representative.

Investigators, clinicians, knowledge users (in alphabetical order):

Melissa Andrew, Dalhousie University
Hugh Armstrong, Carleton University
Pat Armstrong, York University
Katie Aubrecht, Mount Saint Vincent University
Whitney Berta, University of Toronto
Ivy  Bourgeault, University of Ottawa
Susan Braedley, Carleton University
Fred Burge, Dalhousie University
Denise Cloutier-Fisher  University of Victoria
Heather Cook, Interior Health Authority
Tamara Daly, York University
Carole Estabrooks, Co-Scientific Lead
Heather Fifield
Janice Keefe (MSVU), Scientific Lead
Ruby Knowles, Nova Scotia Health and Wellness
Elizabeth Findlay, Fraser Health Authority
Faye Forbes
Carmen Grabusic, Alberta Health
Andrea Gruneir, University of Alberta
Michael Hillmer, Ministry of Health and LTC, Ontario
Matthias Hoben, University of Alberta
Trevor Janz, Interior Health Authority
Mary Kjorven, Interior Health Authority
Ruby Knowles
Yvonne lePair, Northwood,
Cameron Lynam, Fraser Health Authority
Leah MacDonald, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Jim Mann
Emily Marshall, Dalhousie University
Margaret  McGregor, University of British Columbia
Judy Nicol, Interior Health Authority
Kim Norman, Fraser Health Authority
Peter Norton, University of Calgary
Jeff  Poss, University of Waterloo
Corinne Schalm, Alberta Health
James Silvius, Alberta Health Services
Kelli Stajduhar, University of Victoria
Susan Stevens,Nova Scotia Health Authority
Deanne Taylor, Interior Health Authority
Gary Teare, Health Quality Council, SK
Jayme Waugh,  Fraser Health Authority

FunderCanadian Institutes of Health Research, Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Alzheimer Society of Canada.
Time PeriodApril 2016-March 2020
DescriptionSALTY is a 4 year project which aims to add quality of life to late life for people living in nursing homes and for their caregivers, including family, friends, and volunteers who support their care. SALTY’s research is organized into four interrelated streams: Monitor Care Practice, Map Promising Approaches to Care Relationships, Evaluative Innovative Practice, and Examine Policy Context  and the study will employ diverse and multiple methods to achieve its objectives. The SALTY team includes established and emerging researchers, decision makers, clinicians, and representatives for staff, volunteers, family, and residents. The study is being conducted in four Canadian provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia – and its results will have relevance for other jurisdictions.
Role of NSCAOrganizing/lead institution for the project
Contact Person

Paula Richardson


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Developing an APP for Caregivers of Persons with Dementia

Principal/Lead Investigator Janice Keefe (Mount Saint Vincent University), Patrick McGrath (IWK Health/NS Health Authority
Research TeamDr. Francine Queluz, Emily White
FunderCanadian Institutes of Health Research
Time PeriodNovember 2017-March 2019
DescriptionThis multi-stage project involves work to develop an APP for caregivers of persons living with dementia based on the C.A.R.E. Tool.  Stages include needs assessment, design and development and pilot testing. The project is part of a larger CIHR Foundation Grant Program of Research led by Dr. Patrick McGrath which aims to provide health practitioners with accessible and cost effective technology enabled tools to expand capacity to deliver behavioral medicine in primary care.
Role of NSCACoordination of project activities.
Website:No project specific webpage
Contact Person


Delaying Baby Boomer Retirement

Principal/Lead Investigator
Yves Carrière (Université de Montréal)
Research TeamJacques Légaré (Université de Montréal), Janice Keefe
FunderSocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Time Period

April 2015-March 2018


This project will expand knowledge of the possible impact of Canada’s aging population by focusing on the last stages (retirement and old age) of the baby boomers’ life course. Using Statistics Canada’s LifePaths microsimulation model and data from the Labour Force Survey, projections will examine age/years of retirement for specific age cohorts, labour force participation rates for those 60+, and availability of family/friend caregivers.

Role of NSCA

Analyze implications of findings from a policy perspective and prepare knowledge translation products and activities such as summary briefs, stakeholder events, conference presentations, and manuscripts.


Older Worker Employment and Labour Force Participation

Principal/Lead InvestigatorPamela Fancey (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Project Team

Janice Keefe, Lucy Knight

FunderNS Department of Seniors
Time PeriodJuly 2017-December 2018
DescriptionThis project will generate evidence to support the continued attachment of older Nova Scotians to the workplace. Project involves literature review, interviews/surveys/focus groups with older adults and employers, and opportunities for knowledge exchange with labour force stakeholders.
Role of NSCALiterature search and synthesis, interviews/focus groups and delivering presentations.

Advice Seeking Networks in Residential Long Term Care

Principal/Lead InvestigatorCarole Estabrooks (University of Alberta); Heather Cook (Interior Health, BC); James Dearing (Michigan State University); Janice Keefe (Mount Saint Vincent University); Jennifer Baumbusch (UBC-V); Malcolm Doupe (University of Manitoba); Adrian Wagg (University of Alberta)
Research Team

Whitney Berta (University of Toronto); Lisa Cranley (University of Alberta); Greta Cummings (University of Alberta);Liane Ginsburg (York University); Jennifer Knopp-Sihota (University of Alberta); Margaret McGregor (UBC-V); Peter Norton (University of Calgary); Joanne Profetto-McGrath (University of Albera); Colin Reid (UBC-O);Janet Squires (University of Ottawa);Gary Teare (Health Quality Council); Genevieve Thompson (University of Manitoba); Don McLeod (Bethany Care Society, AB); Deborah Boudreau (NS Health Association, Continuing Care Council of Nova Scotia); Carol Anderson (Alberta Health Services); Marian Anderson (Shepherd’s Care Foundation, AB); Karen Bloemink (Interior Health, BC); Marlene Collins (Carewest, AB); Heather Davidson (Ministry of Health, BC); Lorraine Dacombe-Dewar (Manitoba Health); Hana Forbes (Manitoba Health); Cheryl Knight (Alberta Health Services); Lori Lamont (Winnipeg Regional Health Authority); Lynne Mansell (Alberta Health Services); Keith McBain (Fraser Health, BC); Eleanor Risling (Alberta Health Services); Corinne Schalm (Alberta Health Services); Deanne Taylor (Fraser Health, BC); Gina Trinidad (Winnipeg Regional Health Authority).In addition to other sector representatives as collaborators.

FunderCanadian Institutes of Health Research (Partnerships for Health System Improvement Program)
Time PeriodJune 2014-June 2017; preparation of manuscripts ongoing
DescriptionThis project involves identifying the advice-seeking networks of nursing homes in Atlantic, Western and Northern Canada. Understanding the nature of these networks will assist decision-makers and researchers in effectively spreading innovations in long term care.
Role of NSCACoordination of project activities for the Atlantic Provinces which include promotion of the study and online survey as well as knowledge translation activities.

Contact Person

Working CARERS Program

Principal/Lead InvestigatorDr. Joel Sadavoy, Mount Sinai Hospital
Research TeamDr. Janice Keefe (Mount Saint Vincent University), Dr. Mary Chui (Mount Sinai Hospital), Dr. Michelle Lobchuk (University of Manitoba)
FunderCanadian Consortium For Neurodegeneration in Aging
Time PeriodFebruary 2015-December 2016; analysis and dissemination ongoing

The project will explore the feasibility, sustainability, and impact of the Reitman Centre's Working CARERS Program, an evidence-based group psychotherapy program for informal dementia carers, in rural communities in two Canadian provinces.

Role of NSCACoordination of project activities for Nova Scotia which include interviewing caregivers and implementing the Working CARERS Program in two rural communities.

No project specific webpage

Contact Person

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