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Industry Liaison Office

The ILO works to foster joint research initiatives that provide opportunities to:
  1. Support faculty in research contract development, intellectual property protection and private sector sponsorship;
  2. Establish collaborations between researchers and external partners;
  3. License technologies to industry.

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Our featured experts:

Resources (all PDFs):


What is Technology Transfer?  

Introduction to Intellectual Property

From our 2010 Seminar Series

- Noel Courage, Bereskin & Parr: IP Primer

Robert Aske, Stewart McKelvey: Contract Issues 


Funding Opportunities Available for Researchers Interested to Work with Industry

Industry Internship Opportunities for Students





Have you heard about CIPO's IP Case Studies? Teaching tools that demonstrate the strategic value of IP to college and university students, the case studies are designed to reflect realistic career situations for students, particularly those studying engineering, science and business. Using a 50 to 90 minute in-class discussion format, each case study can be easily integrated into an existing course.  Click here for more info.

Contact the ILO to book a case study for your class, or if you are interested in attending a half-day training session to become a case study facilitator.



ILO services are provided by:


Gina Funicelli
Director - Industry Liaison Office
Tel: 902.491.6297
Cell: 902.240.3221


Tanya Moxley
Administrator - Industry Liaison Office
Tel: 902.420.5270
Fax: 902.496.8772


In partnership with:

Krista Montelpare
Research Grants Coordinator
Evaristus #244
Tel: 902.457.6467