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Bringing Researchers and Community Partners Together
Mount Saint Vincent University’s Industry Liaison Office (ILO) was established in January 2005 to facilitate collaborations between Mount Saint Vincent University researchers and industry, and to further carry out technology transfer activities with partners who have a vested interest in the practical applications of Mount-born technologies.

Charged with these responsibilities, the ILO works diligently to seek out new initiatives for industry-sponsored research; develop value-added solutions for the Mount’s research community and create more opportunities to work with industry partners, commercialize technologies and leverage existing expertise and facilities externally.

Industry Liaison Office Activities

• Facilitate knowledge transfer opportunities to encourage ILO activities internally and connect with external partners and stakeholders;
• Perform technology assessments to determine commercial potential for inventions;
• Create promotional materials to highlight researcher expertise and showcase Mount-born technologies;
• Identify key industry partners to sponsor research activities;
• Draft and negotiate research agreements on behalf of researchers;
• Contribute to funding proposal content;
• Guide and manage intellectual property protection;
• Acquire funding for Prototype Development;
• Provide external partners with improved access to Mount expertise, know-how and equipment;
• Deliver resources to advance research towards successful commercialization;
• Develop internal policies and procedures to support ILO mandate.


Intellectual Property