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Department of Child and Youth Study Lindsey Cousineau Award

Named in honour of Lindsey Kathryn Cousineau, for inspiring dedication to learning and service to others. Awarded on departmental recommendation to an undergraduate student enrolled in the Child and Youth Study program who has achieved significant university and/or community service; demonstrated ongoing dedication to learning; completed 15.0 or more units of academic credit typically with a minimum GPA of 3.0; and successfully completed 2 practicum placements. Students may only receive this award once. YOU MUST APPLY BY THE DEADLINE INDICATED!

The recipient will be honoured at the annual Academic Awards Ceremony. 

Application Deadline: February 24  

APPLICATION FORMS are circulated via email in January.

Department of Child and Youth Study Award for Academic Excellence

Established by the Department of Child and Youth Study to recognize excellence in academic achievement. Awarded annually to the graduating Child and Youth Study student holding the highest GPA.

Department of Child and Youth Study Practicum Award

To be awarded annually from 2015 to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in their first practicum placement in the previous academic year (Sept. - June). The award will be based on a letter of recommendation from the student’s MSVU practicum placement supervisor. This award is not eligible to those who have been granted practicum credit through transfer, challenge, or Prior Learning Assessment processes.

Canadian Progress Club-Halifax CYS Scholarship in Memory of Patricia Morse

Established by the Canadian progress Club-Halifax in memory of Patricia Morse, BA(CYS) 1980, MA(CYS) 2011.  Patricia championed the development and implementation of programs for early intervention in NS and was a tireless advocate for families and children in need of early intervention services. 

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing a BA(CYS) who has completed a minimum of 12.0 units of study including .5 units of practicum (transfer credits can be counted towards these requirements) and who has demonstrated a commitment to working with children or youth with disabilities and fostering inclusive practice as demonstrated through their academic study, practicum, volunteer and/or work experience. 

Applicants must complete the online application (detailing how they meet the scholarship criteria), and supply a letter of reference from someone who can attest to how the applicant meets the criteria.  Students can only receive this award once. Value $1000.  DEADLINE Jan. 13/17 12PM

Patricia Morse Award Application

SamBell2017Practicum Award Winner Samantha Bell (center) pictured here with Practicum Supervisor, Susan Adams and CYS Department Chair, Dr. Fernando Nunes.  November 2017. 

 The Child and Youth Study Awards

Pictured below, Lindsey Cousineau Award Winner, Mallory Goss.  The award was presented on April 4th, 2017, by CYS Department Chair, Dr. Donna Varga.  


Pictured below, CYS Award for Academic Excellence Winner Taylor Gear. The award was presented on April 4th, 2017, by CYS Department Chair, Dr. Donna Varga.