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DeNel photo

 DeNel Rehberg Sedo (Professor)

  BA (Journalism), BA (Spanish) (University of North Dakota);
  MMC (Arizona State University); PhD (Communication)
  (Simon Fraser University)

  Dr. DeNel Rehberg Sedo is a Professor in the Department of 
  Communication Studies
, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education
  and is the co-director of
Beyond the Book Project.

She received her first degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of North Dakota in the 1980s, a Masters of Mass Communication degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in the 1990s, and a PhD in Communication from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia a decade later

Dr. Rehberg Sedo's research interests lie in the production, distribution and reception of cultural media artifacts or products—online and in print, including: books, television, newspapers and film.  She is the director of the Atlantic Communication Issues Research Lab, which supports research in the broadly-defined areas of communication, cultural studies and women's studies. Recent publication links and information can be found on her personal blog (link to: under the page called "My Research". 

She welcomes enquiries from prospective MA students interested in working in:
   ▪ media or literature sociology
   ▪ critical analysis of the culture industries
   ▪ transnational cultural production and consumption
   ▪ digital and social media

Agency and not-for-profit communications, volunteer and employee management, and marketing and market research round out Dr. Rehberg Sedo’s professional experience. She is the owner of Inquiry Research, a consultancy that specializes in document and qualitative research services.  She also owns Blue Lotus Living, a yoga teaching and lifestyle products hub. These businesses, and her first-hand experience as a co-operative education co-ordinator at SFU, are foundational to her belief in, and support of, experiential learning for student knowledge acquisition. 

Utilizing new social media, audio visual programs, popular literature and applied student projects, Dr. Rehberg Sedo is always keen to try new ways to engage students with course material.  On her blog, you can find samples of her class syllabi