How to Prepare for your Upcoming Online Course

Refer to the Student Guide

The Student Guide is an important resource for online students as it explains everything you need to know about taking an online course. 

Order Course Textbooks and Materials at the Online Bookstore

All of your course textbooks and materials are ordered through the online bookstore, which means that you do not have to wait in any lines to get started.  If you live off campus, we will courier your materials directly to you at no charge, within Canada.  Or, if you live closer to the Mount, you can pick up your order at the Mount Bookstore.

Check your Mount Student Email Regularly 

All communication and course information from your professor and the Online Learning Department, will be sent to your Mount email account.  Make sure that you check your email regularly so you do not miss out on any critical information. 

Access your Moodle Site

It is a good idea to become familiar with Moodle before your actual courses begin. This way, once the term starts you will already know your way around the site.  You can try a demo of Moodle by logging in with both the username and password “student”.

Arrange an Off-Campus Proctor

If you live 100 kilometers or more away from the Mount, you will need to write your mid-term and final examinations at an approved proctor site.  Complete the Proctor Site Request Form within two weeks of your first class to make sure your exam arrives to your proctor in time.