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Estimated Costs Based on 2016 - 17 Tuition

Tuition and fees can vary, depending on the program and delivery method. The tables below provide an estimate of program fees, based on 2016 - 17 figures. 

For a full breakdown of fees, please visit

Estimated tuition and fees: Canadian students

Canadian Graduate Student Tuition per course (0.5 units)*  $909.50
U-Pass Fee (per full-time student)   $152.00
Other fees may apply. See

Estimated tuition and fees: International students

International Graduate Student Tuition per course (0.5 units)*   $1594.00
International Student Health Plan (per student)**   $618.00
U-Pass Fee (per full-time student)  $152.00
Other fees may apply. See

*The base cost of a course can vary, depending on program and delivery method.
**International students are required to have the International Student Health Plan unless they are covered by MSI (Nova Scotia’s provincial health plan). An opt-out process is available for those students who have MSI coverage.
Not included in these figures: Distance Education Administration Fees, Confirmation Fees, Supplemental Course Fees, Miscellaneous Fees, or Bridging Program Fees. 

Calculating your tuition

In order to calculate your total program costs, you'll need to know how many units of coursework you will take. A "unit" of coursework is the equivalent of one full-year course or two half-year courses. Most graduate classes are half-year courses--the equivalent of 0.5 units. 

To complete the requirements of most Master's programs, you will need to complete a total of 5.0 units*** (for MA and MSc programs, these 5.0 units include both coursework and one-year thesis enrollment). 
***5.5 units for the MEd Curriculum Studies: Teaching English as a Second Language and the Master of Education: Educational Psychology, and 10.0 units for the MA School Psychology; MA School Psychology tuition is $959.50 per 0.5 unit course for domestic students, or $1644.00 for international students.

If you are studying online, please add $100 per 0.5 unit course Distance Education Administration Fee. 

The total estimated cost of most on-campus 5.0 unit Master's programs  is $9,461.20 - $9,648.20 for domestic students, or $17,111.20 for international students. These figures are estimates only. For a full listing of tuition and fees, see

Conditional acceptances and language program fees: 

Students whose first language is not English may be required to complete English language programs before beginning their graduate studies. Learn more about language requirements, and English language programs and fees »

Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program

The Nova Scotia University Student Bursary is available for Nova Scotia students studying in Nova Scotia universities.

Eligible students are entitled to a $128.30 per 0.5 unit course tuition reduction, in the form of a bursary, from the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. For more information, visit 

Financial Assistance

The Financial Aid Office will help you with student loans, lines of credit, bursary applications and budgeting.  

You may qualify for Scholarships & Finding Assistance.

For more information visit