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Campus and Basin

Meet our Applied Human Nutrition faculty members

 Judy Fraser-Arsenault
Judy Fraser Arsenault, MAHE, PDt, Internship Coordinator and Lab Instructor
Administration of the Internship Education Program. Read more »


 Theresa Glanville
Dr. Theresa Glanville, PhD, PDt, Professor
Research interests: Health of women and children, dietary assessment, and nutrition policy, understanding food management strategies in food insecure families, consumer use and understanding of food labels, relationship between diet quality and body weight through analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey Cycle 2.2. Read more »


Shannan Grant, PDt, MSc, PhD(c)
Research interests:  The use of clinical trials to assess community-based questions; assessment of nutrition education from both the perspective of the patient/ client and the health care professional. Read more »


Dr. Sara Kirk, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Research interests:  Applied Research Collaborations for Health (ARCH): using a social-ecological approach to understand lifestyle factors influencing health status and health services utilization, particularly in relation to excessive weight gain (obesity).  Read more »


Dr. Daphne Lordly, PhD, Professor, Department Chair
Research interests: Dietetic education and the socialization of dietetic students and practitioners, and how gender is implicated in these processes; arts-informed research and pedagogy Read more »


Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy, PhD, Associate Professor
Research interests: Functional foods and food-derived bioactivities; mechanisms of adaptive responses to chronic dietary exposures, the role of food-born substances in physiologic and metabolic regulations. Read more »


Linda Mann
Linda Mann, MBA, PDt, Associate Professor
Research interests: Development of healthy eating/active lifestyle resources for the Mount community (Wellness for All), identification of the influences on university students' eating behaviours (Student Meal Study), and determination of the impacts of child care food and nutrition standards (Nutrition Standards in Child Care Project). Read more »


Catherine Morley
Dr. Catherine Morley, PhD, RD, FDC, Adjunct Professor
Research interests: Historical influences on present-day dietetic practice, and the integration of education theory in approaches to nutrition education, and dietetics education and training; specific areas of inquiry include: lived experience of eating in illness and implications for approaches to nutrition education; (pre)history of dietetics, and history of dietetic practice; approaches to dietetic education and training; dietitians’ participation in practice-based research; and arts-based inquiry and practice. Read more »


P Williams
Dr. Patricia Williams, PhD, PDt, Professor
Research interests: Participatory research processes into social and policy change necessary to build food security.  Read more »

Spotlight on Faculty Research

Dr. Daphne Lordly was recently featured on the cover of the summer issue of the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. The Journal acknowledged Daphne for her contributions of authoring/co-authoring more than 20 papers during the past 10 years--more than any other author.  Read more »

Dr Bohdan Luhovyy
Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy worked with Schoolhouse Gluten Free Gourmet to create a gluten-free craft beer. Watch the Global News report »