Bachelor of Arts - Women's Studies


The First Department of Women's Studies in Canada

The Mount has a unique historical connection to the education and advancement of women. To this day, we remain committed to the education of women, and have a well-established women's studies program. Students can declare a minor, major, or honours in the undergraduate women’s studies program. Women’s studies places women’s experiences and knowledge at the centre of critical inquiry. Students in women’s studies courses learn about the ways in which women’s societal position can be transformed. In examining the accomplishments and struggles of women, it considers the complexities of race, class, sexual orientation and ability, from cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Program Highlights

  • There is a wide range of courses in women’s studies. Some courses are taught in the department of women’s studies by department faculty and some are taught, as women-emphasis courses, in cooperation with other university departments. Women’s studies classes at the Mount are typically small and students get to know their professors and their classmates.
  • The department of women’s studies includes an endowed Nancy’s Chair, who brings (to the Mount) distinguished scholars and persons in public life that have contributed to the advancement of women.
  • In collaboration with St. Mary’s University and Dalhousie University, the Mount also offers a Master of Arts degree in women’s studies.
  • As a Mount student, you'll have the opportunity to join the Women's Studies Student Society. The society has an active presence on campus through events and volunteering efforts.
  • The Department of Women's Studies supports students with an extensive list of additional resources. In addition, the Mount Library also has an excellent women’s studies library collection. Click for additional women's studies library resources »
Career Opportunities

The degree in women's studies provides benefits to graduates who study full or part-time. Completing the undergraduate degree part-time allows professionals (in areas such as nursing, education, addictions services and government) to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in their current place of employment. An undergraduate degree in women's studies will provide new and developing professionals with a vast knowledge and skillset to be applied in a variety of careers, some of which may include:

  • international development work
  • not-for-profit organizations that work with women and children, specifically services for abused women and children, homeless women and children, and women with addictions
  • government organizations
  • graduate studies in the areas of law, social work, public administration, and education

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