Dr. Laura Penny

Office:  Seton 307

E-mail: gmail.com  or   msvu.ca


BA (Vind)
Ph.D (SUNY Buffalo)


Laura Penny has taught literature, philosophy, and critical theory at Mount Saint Vincent University, the University of King's College, and Saint Mary's University. She completed her Ph.D in Comparative Literature in 2006. Her dissertation research focused on the relation between the ethical and the aesthetic in the work of Kant, Nietzsche, Benjamin, and Deleuze. Her second book, More Money Than Brains, deals with ignorance, idiocy, and anti-intellectualism.

Books:More Money Than Brains: Why Schools Suck, College is Crap, and Idiots Think They're RightMcClelland and Stewart Publishers, April 2010.


Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit, released by McClelland and Stewart, Crown (U.S.), and Scribe (Australia) Publishers, May 2005.


Recent Publications:

“Parables and Politics: How Benjamin and Deleuze &Guattari read Kafka." Theory & Event 12.3 (2009).


Empire of Illusion, Book review, The Globe and Mail, August 2009.


“Consumerism in a time of downturn: It’s beginning to look a lot like Keynes-mas,” The Globe Essay, Globe and Mail, December 2008.


“Junk, Inglorious Junk,”  Food book omnibus Book Review, Globe and Mail, December 2008.


“The Highest of All the Arts: Kant and Poetry” in Philosophy and Literature, October 2008.


50 Greatest Books: Lolita, Short Essay, Globe and Mail, June 2008.


"Who could have oil and kindness enough for them?: A reading of Derrida's Spurs and Nietzsche's Women"  in Dalhousie French Studies, Spring 2008.



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