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School Psychology (MA)

The Master of Arts program in School Psychology is a speciality program that prepares students to enter the profession of school psychology. The program is designed to address the academic, research and professional practice requirements for certification as a psychologist in provinces/territories where master's level preparation is permitted. As well, the program is designed to enable participants to move to PhD level programs.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for this program include the following:

  1. An undergraduate degree in psychology, preferably an honours degree in psychology or equivalent, with a high academic standing (normally a minimum of a B+ (GPA3.3) is required. In addition, a degree in education with a high academic standing (normally a minimum of a B+ (GPA 3.3) is also preferred and considered necessary in some provinces in order to work in the schools.
  2. Related work/volunteer experience.
  3. Three letters of reference attesting to academic and work experiences, and personal characteristics.

Prior to admission, the most promising applicants may be interviewed to evaluate their understanding of and motivation for entry into the field of school psychology. 

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