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Careers in Lifelong Learning: Compassionate Care

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Linda Pullin
MEd Lifelong Learning 2013 


“My real passion is compassionate care and I was able to focus on reflective practice and create approaches that work for my students.”

Lifelong Learning in the health care sector

Linda Pullin had been a nurse in Halifax’s health care sector for 30 years before launching a new career in lifelong learning. Today, Linda works at the Nova Scotia Community College, offering guidance and support to students pursuing careers in frontline health care roles. Linda wanted to provide the very best support to this diverse group of adult learners; this desire led her to the Mount’s graduate program in Lifelong Learning.

This MEd has allowed Pullin to pursue her own lifelong learning while at the same time, building her toolkit of strategies and resources to support her students. Her graduate education gave her an insight into the theories that support education, and how they can positively impact practice. “My real passion is compassionate care and I was able to focus on reflective practice and create approaches that work for my students,” she says.

A flexible, adaptive program

As Linda pursued her studies, she was able to build on her existing strengths and acquire new skills. Her studies validated many of the skills and strategies she’d been using in the classroom, while also offering new connections to consider. The flexibility of the program also made it possible to focus on specific content areas that were most relevant to her work as an adult educator. “I’m working with a group of adult learners who all have varied life paths and are just starting their careers in health care,” Pullin explains. “I was able to design a final graduate project that explores the role of life story and how it can enhance the capacity and care of heath care providers.”

When asked what she would say to those who may be considering the Studies in Lifelong Learning program at the Mount, Pullin is quick to respond. 

“You’ve got to do it! The faculty are available, approachable and take the time to get to know you, which makes it really comfortable. You have the flexibility to take courses even if you have a demanding work schedule. Overall, it was an incredible experience and enhanced my ability to be a great educator.”