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Taking your knowledge to the community

The practicum is a full unit course that provides students with an opportunity to take some of the concepts, theories and ideas that they have learned about in the program and put them into practice. Over the course of two semesters, students will work with their practicum instructor and a mentor at their practicum site to develop and carry out a "hands-on" project that fits with their particular interests. The practicum requires approximately a hundred and fifty hours of work, is voluntary (so no payment can be received for this work), and is usually done with a community organization although sometimes it is done in the student's place of work, provided the practicum tasks are clearly above and beyond work that they would be paid for.

Students have done a wide range of practicum projects over the years. Some examples of these are:

  • assisting prisoners in learning life skills to reintegrate back into the community;
  • conducting workshops for various health projects;
  • organizing a retreat for church leaders;
  • assisting students with literacy or English as Second Language programs;
  • developing You-Tube educational videos for professional continuing education;
  • conducting photography workshops for seniors in cooperation with the public library;
  • working to develop programs with military family resource centres.

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