About Moodle

Seton Night
What is Moodle?  

Moodle is a course management system used by Mount Saint Vincent University and many institutions world‐wide. M o o d l e stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.Faculty may use Moodle to distribute course notes, communicate with students, set and grade quizzes, create assignments, discussions, and much more.

Students can access Moodle the first morning classes begin, provided they are registered and all fees have bee paid to financial services.  

What is Blackboard Collaborate?
Blackboard Collaborate, is a software program that provides best-in-class web, video, and audio solutions for real-time online learning and collaboration. Also known as Collaborate, it features high-quality voice over the Internet, robust interactive functionality.
Students have a virtual weekly contact session at a designated time where they connect to Collaborate directly from their Moodle site and have a discussion with their professor and the rest of the class. Features include a shared whiteboard and virtual breakout rooms for smaller group discussion.

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