By the pond

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Recent Profiles & Tips

12 Countries & 16 Cities - A Winter Exchange

Moving over 6000 kilometers from home, Courtney learned that it is hard to say goodbye and that your home base is important, but that is should not stop you from exploring new countries.


Co-op Comes Full Circle

Sam returned to Halifax to complete her work term with BBB in May. From day one, she said she felt welcomed and supported by what she describes as the "BBB family". President and CEO, Peter Moorhouse was committed to giving Sam the opportunity to grow her skills, while supporting her at every step along the way.


A Dream Come True: An Internship at Disney

Magical. The word tourism student, Lauren Snider uses when describing her internship at Disney this summer. After a series of interviews over the winter, Snider was over the moon when the official offer came in for her to work as a Cast Member. Soon after, Lauren boarded a place to the magical world of Disney in Orlando, Florida.


Behind the Scenes with Co-op Student Alyssa Roy

From the moment that Alyssa set foot into the lobby of the iconic Bell Media building in downtown Toronto, she was filled with excitement and anticipation. The rush of energy she experience while watching Marilyn Denis walk out of the elevator and into her studio with a live, screaming audience, is still the same energy that she feels today when she walks into her office.

Co-op Resources

The Co-op Team is here to support you at every step of your journey from professional development to co-op interviews and being on the job. Take a look at some of the resources our team has to offer.


A Work Term Abroad: Hannah Ghosn

I was lucky to land a job with a media agency called Atomic 212 in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

The Employer Perspective

The Co-op Office reached out to current employers and asked them "what is the most important thing to remember when preparing for an interview?". Here's what we heard.

Mount Student Named CEO of Rise Through C.H.A.N.G.E

"In high school, I read a book titled Stolen Angels, which was set in Uganda. The story stuck with me and a year later, a friend posted through social media a volunteer opportunity to go to Uganda so I went. It completely changed me as a person." - Jessica May, CEO, Rise Through C.H.A.N.G.E.

My Time with J.D. Irving Ltd.

"JDI provided me with opportunities and experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life, and lessons that I will carry with me as I move forward with my eduation and into my career." - Kristen Cook, BPR Co-op Student.


My Canadian Co-op Experience

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cecelia Ye to talk about her views on the Mount Co-op Program. Cecelia has been in Canada for four years, and is in her second year of the Tourism & Hospitality Management program. She completed her first co-op work term this past summer at the Westin Nova Scotian, located in downtown Halifax.