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At the forefront

Science faculty at the Mount have been making waves for years, with an impact far beyond what would be expected of a smaller university.

This means our students learn alongside some of the best in their fields, and also have exceptional access to undergraduate research opportunity.

From leaders in psychology and biology, to superstars in chemistry, physics, math and computer science, Mount faculty are being recognized around the world.

professor Ian Pottie
 professor Kathy Darvesh delivering a speech
Dr. Ian Pottie
Breaking ground in Alzheimer's research

As part of a powerful partnership of Halifax universities, Mount professor Dr. Pottie has been helping build and fine-tune a compound to definitively detect Alzheimer's in living patients.

Dr. Kathy Darvesh
Mount professor named top chemistry teacher
Dr. Darvesh has been named Canada's top chemistry educator at the post-secondary level for 2016 by College Chemistry Canada.                                                                                      

Cherif Matta-Science Page Photo
Dr. Cherif Matta

Recipient of the prestigious Lady Davis Fellowship
Already well-respected in his role as Professor and Chair of the Mount’s Department of Chemistry and Physics, Dr. Chérif F. Matta now finds himself preparing for an incredible academic opportunity after being awarded the highly regarded Lady Davis Fellowship.

Established in 1973, the Fellowship provides an opportunity for Visiting Professors, Post-Doctoral Researchers and Doctoral Students from abroad to teach, study and participate in research in Israel at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal
Paving a way for women in science

Mount research award winner, Dr. Franz-Odendaal highlights the important of female role models in STEM fields. Dr. Franz-Odendaal is a biology professor at the Mount and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Atlantic Chair for Women in Science and Engineering. 


Dr. Derek Fisher
From the Mount to Munich: Brainwaves in mental health
Derek was named the 2015 recipient of a Young Investigator Award by the EEG & Clinical Neuroscience Society. The award recognizes those who have “demonstrated significant contributions to translational research in the field of Neuro-Psychiatric Electrophysiology and Neuroimaging.”

Dan Majaess
Dr. Dan Majaess

Canadian astronomer and Mount instructor helping map the galaxy
In an article published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, astronomers from Chile and Canada announced the discovery of a special duo of stars on the other side of the Galaxy’s disc. Among the researchers involved is Daniel Majaess, a Canadian astronomer and instructor at the Mount.

Psychology symbol

Pscyhology faculty lighting up minds at the Mount

Mount psychology professors have a vast array of research interests and are some of the best in their fields. 
Meet three Mount psychology faculty who are making a big research impact: Dr. Dan Séguin, Dr. Derek Fisher and Dr. Will Shead.