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2015 - 2016 Academic Year


Marking Assistants
Introduction to Psychology 1110 & 1120
Developmental  Psychology 2221 & 2222

Exam Proctors

Developmental Psychology 2221 & 2222

Each year the Psychology Department hires student markers and proctors (Student Assistants or SA's) to provide support to large enrolment classes - typically Introduction to Psychology 1110 & 1120 and Developmental Psychology 2221 & 2222. The number of positions and hours of work available to students varies each year and is primarily determined by the number of course sections and enrolment; however student markers will generally assist with the grading of at least two sets of assignments each term. Proctors assist course instructor monitor two exam sessions per semester. We work closely with our Student Assistants to ensure that the work load is shared equally and that assignments do not interfere with their own course schedule and academic commitments. The Student Assistant Program offers students an opportunity to gain valuable experience while earning some extra money.

  • Applicants will have successfully completed Psychology 1110 & 1120, Psychology 2221 & Psychology 2222, Psychology 2209, and will possess strong basic APA writing style and research related skills. Well qualified applicants will have obtained a grade of B- or better in the required courses.
  • Psychology majors in their 4th year of study (those who have completed approx.15 units of study) will be given first priority; however, well qualified 3rd year students will also be considered and are encouraged to apply.



To apply 

Simply apply by email to Donna Thompson at before Sept. 10th, 2015 with the following information:

Your name, MSVU student ID, a copy of your course schedule for the fall and winter semesters, a copy of your unofficial academic transcript, (download from your myMount account) and a few lines about why you are interested in becoming a Student Assistant.

Please use the words Student Assistants in the subject line.