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Program Highlights

Mathematics is one of the most original products of the human mind. It has many important applications in science, engineering, and statistics, but mathematics is also an important field of study for its own sake. Throughout history each culture has developed its own mathematics to solve its problems. Today there is an internationally accepted mathematics that is studied and used across the world. Its practitioners work in fields as diverse as astronomy, meteorology, agriculture and banking. With our increasing need for information and technology, mathematics will play an even more important role in most occupations and fields of study. It will also continue to be a critical topic in the history of ideas, documenting fundamental modes of human thought.

Your Future in Mathematics

Some students may take mathematics courses which apply only to their individual areas of study. Others may wish to minor or major in the subject and pursue careers in teaching, statistics, computer science, actuarial science, or many other areas. Whether studied for its many applications or for the beauty of its logical structure and expressive power, mathematics will reward the effort of students with a deeper understanding of the world and how it works. See your options here »

2017 Placement Tests

Tuesday, September 5th (Orientation Day) 11:00 am Evaristus 104

Friday, September 8th 2:00 pm Evaristus 104

If you cannot make either of these days please contact your 

professor or administrative office at 902-457-6229

You may register for MATH 1102 or 1113 before taking the test.