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Part time Instructor, Chinese

Ziyan Yang is a former Killam Scholar and holds a Ph.D. in French literature from Dalhousie University. Originally from China, she completed her B.A. and M.A. degrees in French language and literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Her research interests include Contemporary Francophone literature, Quebec literature and Asian Canadian literature.

Fluent in French, English and Mandarin Chinese, she has taught French as a part-time instructor at different universities in Halifax and is working as a FSL instructor at Alliance française d’Halifax. She is currently teaching the Beginning Mandarin Chinese courses at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Selected publications

•Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm. “Leibniz Korrespondiert Mit China.” International Sinology 6 (2016): 170-178, (French-Chinese Translation).

•Longobardi, Niccolò. “Traité sur quelques points de la religion des Chinois.” International Sinology 2 (2015): 150-160, (French-Chinese Translation).

•“Dreaming of Home.” book review of A Year in China: Bill Wong’s Diaries in His Father’s Home Village 1936-37 by Bill Wong and Joanne Poon. Canadian Literature 224 (2015): 148-149.

•“S/Tex(t)ual Transgression.” book review of Transgressive Transcripts: Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Women’s Writing by Bennett Fu. Canadian Literature 222 (2014): 152-154.

•In collaboration with  Alexandra Tsedryk and Irène Chassaing, proceedings of the Conference of Graduate Students in French Literature and Linguistics “Silence and Word”, Initiales 23 (2013-14), Numéro thématique: Le Silence et le Verbe.

•“La figure de réincarnation, la sinité pulvérisée et l’identité hybride dans la ‘série fantôme’ de Ying Chen.” International Journal of Francophone Studies, 16.3 (2013): 329-352.

•“Le fardeau de la légèreté : une étude de Kimchi d’Ook Chung.” Nouvelles perspectives en sciences sociales: revue internationale de systémique complexe et d'études relationnelles 8.2 (2013): 85-100.

Community work

English-Mandarin Community Interpreter, member of Nova Scotia Interpreting Services