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Vicki Gesner

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in History from Mount Saint Vincent in 2007 and continued into the Master of Education program at MSVU (Studies in Lifelong Learning); graduating in May of 2012. I originally chose to study at The Mount because of the small class sizes and I urge students to take advantage of this more intimate learning experience. If I had problems or questions, I felt that I could take them to my professors and that they would be properly addressed. I do not think that would have been possible in a class of more than one hundred students.

My background in history has allowed me to sharpen several skill sets that serve me well in both my personal and working life. In fact, I’ve been able to combine the two by starting a small business that offers narrated motorcycle sidecar tours in the Halifax area. Obviously a solid working knowledge of Nova Scotian and Canadian history is essential. What is perhaps less obvious, is the research, organizational, time management, analytical, and presentation skills honed at the Mount that have allowed me to produce, among other things, comprehensive business and marketing plans. The skills that were nurtured during my time at MSVU will endure no matter which life-path I may choose to take in future and I owe much of this confidence to the MSVU History Department. 

November 2012