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What can I do with a B.A. in English?

Just about anything! English students go on to find careers in teaching, in editing and publishing, in government, law, journalism, library and information management, and many other fields. With a B.A. in hand, some students find rewarding careers; others go on to further professional training. Their career paths can be fairly straightforward, or they can take unexpected turns. For a sampling of some of the possibilities, take a look at the students' stories included here.

You can follow the links below to read more, or you can find a selection of stories on the Career Paths bulletin board on the fifth floor of Seton.   


Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane » [video]
Crown Attorney


 Stacey de Molitor
Stacey de Molitor »
University Advancement Project Officer


Krista Hill

Krista Hill »


Brianne Carter

Brianne Carter
Information Analyst


Thrive kids

Wendy Birt »
Educator and Entrepreneur 


Denise Kelly

Denise Kelly »
Tutor and College Preparatory
English Instructor   


MSVU English Career Paths DZ

Denise Zareski »

Karen Livingstone

Karen Livingstone »
Training Development Officer
Canadian Forces


MSVU English Career Paths AM

Andrew Mactavish »

Multimedia Professor


Emma Blog photo

Emma Smith »
Skating Coach


Adam Hutka

 Adam Hutka »
University Instructor


Peggy MacKinnon

Peggy MacKinnon »

Freelance writer
Art Gallery Program Coordinator
Constituency Assistant for Member of Parliament
Art Gallery Director



MSVU English Career Paths KM

Kathy Mac »
Writer, Professor