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New and Past Events:


  • Coordinator of Cultural Studies Dr. Randi Warne won bronze as "Best Professor" in The Coast's annual round up of "the best of Halifax," making this Dr. Warne's third consecutive year to place in the category.

  • The department hosted a lively Meet and Greet on Tuesday, November 3. View photos from our great turnout!

  • Coordinator of Cultural Studies Dr. Randi Warne delivered a lecture, titled "Die, Heretic, Die!: Dispatches from Interdisciplinary Terrains" at the University of Regina on September 18, 2015. Her visit was part of the U of R's ongoing Everything Religious Studies Lecture Series. 

  • New two classes are offered for the 2015-16 CULS roster: Art in Halifax Now and Rap, Resistance, and Religion. These courses will be taught by CULS faculty Ingrid Jenkner and Michael McGuire, respectively. 


  • Cultural Studies graduate Matthew Stewart presented at the 2015 Conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion in Ottawa on June 1, 2015. His presentation, titled "Religion and Urban Gentrification", stems from his graduate work at Wilfrid Laurier University. 



  • The Cultural Studies Student Society hosted an end-of-term Festivus in December 2012 to mark the end of the fall 2012 term. Attendees marked the occasion with the traditional rising of the Festivus pole and an Airing of Grievances ...will the tradition continue? Join the Student Society and see! Details on the CULS Student Society to be posted ASAP. In immediate or dire need? Contact Dr. Warne for help.