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Sample Course Outlines & Other Resources

Full list of MSVU course outline templates and samples mentioned on the introductory page of this site:

External examples

A learning-centred course outline sample from the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Brigham Young University

  • Describes the purpose of various course outline components in context
  • Positive, student-centered tone
  • Detailed and comprehensive; suggestions can accommodate the needs of various

Community Organizing, Alicia Swords (Ithaca College)

  • Emphasizes the importance of showing students you care
  • Refers students to on-campus mental health resources
  • Excellent example of how to keep a text-heavy syllabus well organized

Personality Theories, Cynthia Winston (Howard University)

  • Good social science example
  • To challenge students begins with epigraphs from famous thinkers
  • Clear, prominent course objectives
  • Single course outline for multiple sections of a class

American Diplomatic History Since 1945, Ernest Bolt (Richmond University)

  • Good humanities example
  • Course outline created as a first-generation web page (not a Word or PDF document)
  • Provides provocative questions for each class session  

Microbial Adaptation, Janet Wood (University of Guelph)

  • Good life sciences example
  • Links each assignment to particular learning outcomes
  • Discusses the types of in-class learning activities students will experience

Introduction to Physics 1, Matthew Price (Ithaca College)

  • Good hard sciences example
  • Pre-requisites listed; students encouraged to ask for help as needed
  • Single course outline for multiple sections of a class

Profiles in Entrepreneurship,  Reginald Litz (University of Manitoba)

  • Good business / professional studies example
  • Incorporates workbook/exercises into course outline
  • Good example of a syllabus supporting the development of a unique course

Helpful Links on Course Outline Development

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