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 Course Outline Policy & Requirements 

Before starting your course outline, review the Mount Saint Vincent Course Outline Policy. Here is an excerpt from the policy indicating the information every course outline must include:

  • Syllabus: General description of the course, a clear statement of course expectations, topics covered, reading list, and other references.
  • Methods of evaluation: A description of methods used to evaluate student learning, including due dates for tests and assignments.
  • Statement regarding faculty availability in person and/or online, including office hours and contact information.
  • Statement that students requesting special consideration as a result of a conflict with a deadline for an assignment or an examination must do so in advance of the relevant deadline.
  • Statement for students with disabilities: "Students who have a disability and who require academic accommodations must register with Disability Services as early as possible in order to receive accommodations." 
  • Statement on accommodation of religious observance: “Requests for accommodation of specific religious or spiritual observance must be presented in writing to the instructor within the first two weeks of class.”
  • Statement on plagiarism and cheating: "University regulations on plagiarism and cheating and other academic offenses will be strictly enforced. These regulations including applicable procedures and penalties are detailed in the University Calendar and are posted on department notice boards and on the website at on the Current Students page under Academic Offenses."
  • Statement on correct use of language: "Correct use of language is one of the criteria included in the evaluation of all written assignments."
  • Statement on penalties, where applicable: details on policy and penalties for missed tests, late assignments, enrolling without prerequisites, etc.
  • Statement on teaching and learning technologies, where applicable: Course requirements for the use of information technologies such as Moodle.
  • Regular attendance is expected of students at all classes. Specific course requirements for class attendance and participation should be described.
  • The following statement must be on all relevant course syllabi: "Students who conduct research involving human participants must have their research reviewed in accordance with the MSVU Policies and Procedures for Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans before starting the research. Check with your course professor or Chair of the department about proper procedure."

Please see "4) Sample Course Outlines & Other Resources", to help get you started.

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