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Atlantic Universities' Teaching Showcase

Call for Proposals

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: Friday, August 25th, 2017

Small Teaching: Exploring the Potential of Easily-Implemented, High-Impact Teaching Practices.

According to author and educator, James Lang (2017 Showcase Keynote Speaker), very often, teaching well means doing the small things right! Big initiatives and costly systems and structures designed to improve teaching and learning are important. But, for Lang, well-considered and easily implemented teaching practices that are rooted in a growing body of research about how teaching and learning work best can have a tremendous impact on learning outcomes.

In this year’s Showcase, we wish to learn more about the high-impact, small teaching practices of post-secondary educators in Atlantic Canada. Consider submitting a Proposal to this year’s Showcase that highlights your own experiences with “small teaching.” 

Some Questions to Consider:

  • Do you have small teaching practices that you would like to share that enables educators to
           engage their students, to stimulate their curiosity, and to motivate their drive to learn?
  • Have you conducted research into some aspect of teaching that helps illuminate its impact and its
           potential applications?
  • Is there a technology you have used that others can easily implement to support teaching and
  • Have you found an effective way to mobilize new research on how learning works to provide
           students with better feedback, more opportunities to integrate and extend what they are learning,
           or to expand and enrichen their knowledge?
  • What strategies is your institution adopting to foster high-impact teaching practices?

Session Formats:

There are three session formats from which to choose:

  • 25-minute Session
  • 50-minute Session
  • Furious Five

25-minute and 50-minute sessions should model active learning and engage participants in discussion, small-group exercises, panel discussions, or other activities. Individuals submitting a proposal for a 50-minute session should provide a rationale for the extended time allotment. 

Furious Five is a lively and engaging plenary session in which presenters are given five minutes each to introduce the audience to an innovative teaching strategy or tip, or pose a profound question for the audience to ponder. Strategies, tips, and questions should be relevant to a range of disciplines. 

Submitting Proposals:

To submit a proposal please click here »

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