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Congratulations Distance Learning!



Watch our video of Mount faculty talking about their experiences developing and teaching a distance course at MSVU.


Updated December 2013!

The Academic Guidelines and Appendices below were written for Mount faculty developing an undergraduate distance course, an outcome of the CAPP Recommendations to DLCE's Review.  Some information could be adapted for oncampus course development or teaching.


Appendix E and F are tools to help faculty write an undergraduate distance course outline; Appendix E is an annotated version of the undergraduate distance course outline template, Appendix F.  Both documents have been updated to reflect the latest Senate Policy on Course Outlines (Appendix D) and other new information, e.g., approved distance exam proctor sites.


A sample oncampus undergraduate course outline template is at far right.

* If you are writing a graduate distance course outline, replace the undergraduate information in the template with the respective graduate level information.


Please don't hesitate to contact Distance Learning (902-457-6371) for assistance with writing your distance course outline.


Academic Guidelines (.pdf)--updated December 2013

Appendices to the Guidelines:
    Appendix A  Summary of CAPP Recommendations
    Appendix B  A Development/Re-development plan for distance courses [template for faculty use]
    Appendix C  A Revision Plan for distance courses [template for faculty use] 

    Appendix D  Policy on Course Outlines (Senate approved, 28 March 2011)

    Appendix E  Sample annotated undergraduate distance course outline--updated December 2013

    Appendix F  Undergraduate distance course outline [template for faculty use]--updated December 2013

    Appendix G  Comparative table of MSVU media--updated August 2012

Resource:  A Designer's Log: Case Studies in Instructional Design, Michael Power (free e-download)

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