The prices for the 2015 – 2016 school year are below

There is no free parking on campus at any time from Monday to Friday throughout the entire year so please buy what you will need to prevent parking tickets. It is always more economical to buy what you will require at once, and if anything changes throughout the year please go to the Security desk to discuss available options. Once a permit has been purchased, there is no way to extend the time by paying the difference in the prices. A new permit will need to be purchased. If you are having complications, please go to the Security Office and make arrangements to avoid being ticketed.

​Base ($)

​HST ($)

​Total ($)

​1 Term (Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr, May-Aug)



​2 Terms (Sep-Apr, Jan-Aug)




​3 Terms (Sep-Aug)




​Summer Session I or II (May-Jun, Jul-Aug)




Other types of permits and prices (available at Security Office)

​Base ($)

​HST ($)

​Total ($)

Hourly (Pay & Display or Meter)​














Payment options

Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard.

Please read the Parking Regulations below before filling out an application. Parking Permit Application (use Firefox)- This form works best with Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome, please close your browser and use Firefox. Contact Tim Mansfield at 902-457-6286 or if you have and questions regarding the application form. If you have any general questions regarding parking on campus, please contact Security at 902-457-6412. Once submitted, please give one day for processing, then go to the Assisi Information Desk (Security Office) to pay for and receive your permit.

Rules and Regulations

PERMITS: A valid parking permit (regular, temporary, or Pay & Display) is required on all vehicles parked on the MSVU Campus. This is enforced both day and night. Annual, term, monthly, weekly, and daily permits are available at the Assisi Information Centre. Permits are not required from Fridays at 5:00 pm to Monday at 6:00a.m. (See section below for information about Overnight Parking).

Ownership of a permit is not transferrable.

Permits are not permitted for the purpose of storing vehicles on MSVU property, or vehicles not for the general use of travel to and from MSVU.

Only one permit per person will be allowed. If a second permit is required, please see Security to explain why.

PAY & DISPLAY: There are two pay and display units (coin only) on campus:

  • between Rosaria Lot 1 & 2
  • In front of Seton Annex.

Any amount of time, up to a full day permit, can be purchased at the pay & display. Place your pay and display permit face up and ensure the information on it is visible through your windshield.

All permits (other than Pay & Display) are not valid at meters.

PERMIT DESIGNATION:Handicap Parking and Reserved spaces require special permits.
OVERNIGHT PARKING:All vehicles parked on Campus require a valid parking permit, including night shift employees, residents, and overnight guests of the University. Drivers/owners of all other vehicles must advise the Security Department when a vehicle must be left on Campus overnight. Keys must be left with the Security Department and the following information is required:

a) name of the person leaving the vehicle
b) the make and model of the vehicle
c) licence plate number

Vehicles left overnight must be parked in lots as directed by Security staff. This is particularly important during snow removal operations.

REFUNDS: Pro-rated refunds are available to employees who have left the employment of the University, and to students who have completely withdrawn from all classes. Please go to the Assisi Information Centre to deal with this issue.

LOST PERMITS: Lost or stolen permits should be reported immediately to Security Dispatch at Assisi.

DISPLAY OF PERMITS: The full face of the permit must be clearly visible through the front windshield of the vehicle. Normally, parking permits are attached to the rear view mirror or taped to the windshield in a location that does not obstruct the view of the driver. All permits must display the validation/expiry date sticker issued at the time of purchase. Motorcycle permits should be affixed near the motor vehicle safety inspection sticker.




The Mount is not responsible for loss, theft, or damages incurred to your vehicle while parked on campus.

TICKETING:Mount Saint Vincent University campus is private property. Mount Security staff are authorized to issue tickets to enforce parking regulations. The fine for parking infractions is $20.00. Tickets must be paid to the Security Office at Assisi Hall within 7 days of receiving the ticket. Unpaid internal tickets will be automatically added to the students' account after 30 days. Tickets are issued for:
a)            parking without a clearly displayed valid permit
b)            parking in a no parking area, including areas where the pavement is " lined out "
c)            parking in roadways or in traffic lanes
d)            parking in fire lanes, in front of a fire hydrant or fire escape route
e)            obstructing entrances to walkways, on walkways, on lawns or patios, on sidewalks
f)             parking in loading/unloading zones and truck turning areas
g)            overnight parking except as authorized by these regulations
h)            parking in areas other than authorized by the permit
i)             obstructing traffic or in a manner which blocks other vehicles
j)             any violation of these regulations

Inoperative, abandoned, and/or unsafe vehicles may be removed from campus at the discretion of the Security office regardless of permit status. This cost will be at owner’s expense.

Failure to comply with Mount Saint Vincent University parking regulations may result in a vehicle being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking privileges may be revoked for:

  • repeat offenses of the above regulations
  • disregarding pedestrian safety
  • ignoring the campus speed limit of 25 km/h

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