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BODY BALANCE:  Want better balance, strength, endurance and posture? This workout is designed to ease you into a regular routine of low impact cardio, weight training, stretching and balance training. Set to fun music this class will help you feel fantastic!

BOX & BURN:  Combining basic cardio kickboxing drills and dumbbell endurance training this workout is an excellent start to your week!  You will get both cardio and muscle training in this class designed for all levels.

CLASSIC CARDIO:  A taste of good old fashioned high/low aerobics with some athletic drills thrown in. Challenge your heart, lungs, burn mega calories and feel energized when you done!

CORE FIT: Train for improvements in everyday activities by creating a little Core commotion! Use hand weights, functional movement patterns and Tabata intervals to walk away more confident and ready to take on anything!

INTERVAL FUN: Mix up your training with timed intervals including both strength and cardio exercises. Perfect way to avoid boredom and up the challenge on your muscles by using heavier weights for defined periods.  A great way to measure results!

POWER 45:  This 45 minutes class is a total body, heart-pumping, strength and condition workout! Combining full-body strength training moves with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and enhance your overall well-being. Keep your heart rate up and burn more fat/calories in less time! Suitable for all ages.

STEP ‘N PUMP: An up tempo cardio class using the Reebok STEP. Combine it with muscular strength and ab attack for a total body workout.

STRENGTH ‘N CORE:  Try this strength and conditioning class that uses a variety of resistance equipment to work the “Core” for strength and mobility. The class is conducted in a circuit or boot camp format.

TABATA FIT: Looking for a challenge? Try this total body system workout that incorporates high intensity exercise bouts with short rest intervals.

TONE, SWEAT, BREATHE: A little of everything to start your day. Low impact cardio mixed with weight training exercises and finished with a yoga-style stretch. All levels get challenged and have a great time!

YOGA-FIT:  A must-do class that combines different Yoga styles and stretches to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and peace of mind. The perfect break in your day to leave you calm and refreshed.

YOGA STRETCH:  A gentle stretch class, moving through a series of poses that stretch the body. Suitable for all levels.