Boomers Tango Jan 2018 B

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This 8 week class is one of three complementing editions introducing absolute and advanced beginners to the basic concepts and figures of Argentine tango. This dance is well-suited for any age due to its gentle and improvised nature, focusing on connection with the partner and the music rather than on challenging figures and speed. It can be a life-long journey with each dancer enjoying the freedom to take their dance to the challenge level they desire. 

Dance shoes or comfortable shoes, ideally with leather soles to allow for pivoting. Casual wear,
no dress-code.

Sign-up as Single or Couple:
The class will be role-balanced. If you sign up as a single, you will need to identify as a follower or leader. Registration will only be confirmed if another single signs up for the complementary role.

Fridays, Jan. 26– Apr. 6   (8 classes)
Singles = $100.00   Couples = $175.00
Instructors: Martina Sommer & Lorne Buick
Location: Mount Fitness Centre


Instructor Biography

Martina Sommer & Lorne Buick Jan 2018Martina Sommer, MSc and seniors’ fitness instructor with the Canadian Centre of Activity and Aging, has studied with tango masters from Argentina, Europe and Canada. Lorne Buick holds a Master’s degree in music and was a professional clarinetist and music teacher for more than 30 years. He discovered Argentine tango travelling with a youth choir to Buenos Aires in 2005. He has danced and studied tango since with notable teachers nationally and internationally. Martina & Lorne developed Tea & Tango in 2013, a unique program for people living with a neurological condition utilizing the well researched health benefits of Argentine tango. As a husband and wife team they are teaching as YouTwoCanTango in Halifax and beyond since 2009 and are hosts of a weekly community practice and a monthly social tango dance evening at Fort Massey United Church in southend Halifax. They are known for their patience and humour while creating a supportive learning environment for all ages. More information at