Ladies Latin Dance 

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Ladies Latin Dance

There are no current course offerings.  Please check back in Fall 2018.

As ladies, sometimes we can't always find a partner to take class with - but the good news is, we don't need one! In this class you will learn the basic steps of 3 popular Latin dances (Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha Cha), along with tips, techniques and styling options. By the end of the program you will be equipped with foundational elements that will allow you to go dancing in the social scene with confidence.
No experience necessary!

Instructor: Trena Graham

To register, call 902-457-6420

Trena GrahamTrena Graham

Based in Halifax, Trena has been teaching in various classes, dance schools and clubs since 2001, where she has applied her extensive ballroom and Latin training. She founded Trena’s Dance Studio in 2006 in HRM; where she is artistic director, choreographer and teacher.  Over the last 3 years she has taught at many nationwide events. Trena has also performed locally and nationally and has competed internationally in Pittsburg and Miami with world Bachata champion, Darlin Garcia, where she brought home a bronze medal.  She has also been a local and national judge for the Atlantic and Canadian Pole Fitness Championships. Trena focuses primarily on Latin dances such as Salsa and Bachata. Her technique and style are impressive but it is her energy, enthusiasm and engaging smile on the dance floor that are most memorable.