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Co-Curricular Recognition Program (CCRP) Student Guidelines

1. If you are involved in your community outside of the classroom, on campus or off campus, you’re eligible to add these activities to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) with proper validation from a recognized supervisor. Supervisors must be a university staff or faculty member for on-campus activities, or a staff member of a recognized organization in the case of off-campus volunteer work or professional development activities.

2. There are seven (7) categories of activities which are eligible:

• Student Leadership (i.e. executive positions in student government, campus societies, or athletics, Residence Assistant or Don)
• Varsity Athletics Participation (i.e. team member)
• Student Club/Society Involvement (i.e. member)
• Student Awards (Awards excluding Scholarships awarded by the university scholarship committee due to the fact that those scholarships will be documented on the Academic Transcript.)
• Professional Development (training outside of class – i.e. First Aid/CPR certification, non-violent crisis intervention, conference attendance and conference presentations)
 Volunteer work (on-campus or off-campus)

 Global Engagement A: On-campus: involvement in Buddy Program, fundraising for international development cause; B: Off-campus/Canada: intercultural competency training, volunteer work with Immigration Settlement Association Nova Scotia (ISANS), or similar NGOs in other provinces; C: Off-campus/Abroad: international volunteer activities through NGOs or church.

3. Activities must meet the following guidelines:
• Activities must have occurred during the time that the student was registered at and actively attending Mount Saint Vincent University (but not before September 2010, the program launch date)
• Activities must provide meaningful experiences within one of the 7 categories listed above.
• Activities must be un-paid (with the exception of student government positions)
• The student must not have received academic credit for participating in the activity

4. To create your CCR, click on the Student Activity Entry Form link in the top right hand corner of this screen. This will take you to the online form. Enter each activity that you’re currently participating in. 

5. Choose the appropriate category for your activity and fill out the appropriate fields. If your event is not already in the database, there will be a field for you to enter your activity.

6. When you are entering an activity, you will also enter your supervisor's email address so that an email can be automatically generated to your supervisor requesting validation of your participation. If you don't have an email address for your supervisor, contact the CCRP Administrator to discuss alternate options for validation.

7. An end date is also required for your CCR entries. Select the default end date to be April of the current academic year if you don’t know when the end date of your activity will be. If your activity continues past April, then add it as a new entry beginning in May and the program administrator will connect the activities to the previous entry. If your activity ends before the you used in your activity submission, it is your responsibility to contact the program administrator at to correct the end date.

8. To request your CCR for job interviews, graduate school applications, or other reasons, you can go to Career Services to obtain an official hard copy or you can contact the CCRP administrator ( for an electronic unofficial copy. Please allow 5 business days for us to process your CCR request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CCRP Administrator at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CCRP Administrator at