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What is the Co-Curricular Recognition Program (CCRP)?

The Co-Curricular Recognition Program (CCRP) is a way for students to formally document all of their non-academic, extra-curricular involvement in an official format called a Co-Curricular Record (CCR). It may include activities such as volunteer work, athletics, awards and other leadership activities. You can request your CCR at any time for reasons such as job applications, award nominations, or scholarship opportunities. Your CCR will give you the edge that graduate schools and future employers are looking for.

A recent survey of Canadian employers revealed that student participation in co-curricular activities is valued even more highly than grades! 

You can create your CCR simply and easily on this website by choosing the “student” option and proceeding to document all of your activities and awards. Validation from the Supervisor of the activity or event is required before any activity/award can be officially recorded on your CCR. For your convenience, an email will be automatically generated and sent to your supervisor when you submit an entry.


Student Testimonials  

"Academic success to me is definitely not just defined by grades or just classroom work; it's so much more outside the classroom, and the CCRP is really good for enhancing the overall experience at the Mount. It encourages you to be more of an active student. (The CCRP) encourages you to build those relations with your peers and with external members too." (Haley Myatt, Public Relations graduate)

"I think that probably the biggest benefit is having all of your information in one spot, so that you can pull from it as you need it." (Ann Marie Beals, Honors Psychology student)

"I thought this is a really great way to A) build my resume and B) get involved both inside and outside of the Mount." (Julie White, Business Administration graduate) 

"I find the CCRP really helps me when I'm writing my resume, or updating my resume, because often we do so many things that we forget about what we do. And at least when keeping a list, you can pull the transferable skills out." (Lianne Cleveland, Business Administration student)

"The co-curricular record provides verified proof of student involvement on a formal university document, which students can then submit to employers when applying for a job, or add to their portfolios for demonstration during an interview." - Christine Frigault, Coordinator of Career Services at Mount Saint Vincent University

If you have any further questions, please contact the CCRP Administrator at