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Pre-Study Report 

  • A Pre-Study Period is the two or four month period prior to the start of school in September.  If you graduated high school in June, it would be July and August.  If you have completed a year of university, or have been working since high school, it is the four month period May, June, July and August.
  • When you applied for student loan, your Summer employment was estimated as full-time minimum wage employment.
  • This income was used in calculating your original loan amount.  It is listed on your Assessment sheet as Pre-Study Contribution.
  • The Pre-Study Report will be included in the loan package you receive from your province. 

TIP: Before you finish work at the end of August, ask your employer for a letter (on letterhead) confirming your total income from July 1-August 31.  This will be needed to confirm your Pre Study Income.


Do I need to complete a PSR?

  • If you have a second installment of your loan coming in January … YES
  • If you have no money coming in January but wish to appeal your student loan based on your Pre-Study Contribution … YES
  • If you are a high-need student (high loan) … YES … it is your access to the Canadian Millennium Scholarship debt reduction money
  • If you do not meet any of the above criteria … NO