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How much is tuition and other fees?

The Board of Governors has final authority on all financial matters. The financial policies will be enforced through Financial Services, under the direction of the Director of Finance and Administration. Notwithstanding any other provision of this calendar, it is expressly understood by all students that Mount Saint Vincent University accepts no responsibility to provide any course of instruction, program or class, residential or other services including the normal range of academic, residential and other services in circumstances of utility interruptions, fire, flood, strikes, work stoppages, labour disputes, war, insurrection, the operation of law or acts of God or any other cause (whether similar or dissimilar to those enumerated) that reasonably prevent their provision.


Tuition & Other Fees for 2014-15

Please note that the majority of courses have an academic value of one-half unit of credit and a full course load for a fall/winter term is typically 10 courses.  See Important Financial Policies section for other relevant information.

Undergraduate courses (excluding BEd at 5000 level, biology, chemistry and physics courses and specific courses with a lab component) $624.85 per course
Specific undergraduate courses with a lab component $652.15 per course
BEd (at 5000 level) and biology, chemistry and physics courses $658.85 per course
BEd courses held at NSCAD (includes materials fee)$681.35 per course
Graduate courses (excluding certain school psychology courses and courses for external cohorts) $857.20 per course
School psychology (GSPY) courses $907.20 per course
Co-op work term (excluding Applied Human Nutrition internships) $1,249.70 per work term
Applied Human Nutrition undergraduate student  internships $1,288.42 per internship
Applied Human Nutrition graduate student internships $1,714.40 per internship
Auditing studentsHalf of full rate


Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program

For the 2014-15 academic year, all Nova Scotia students (as determined by a definition established by the province) will receive a reduction in their tuition of $128.30 per course and other Canadian students will receive a reduction of $26.10 per course. This reduction, which will take the form of a bursary, will be applied using the same guidelines as for tuition. Please check our website for more detailed information about the Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program .

Supplemental Course Fees

Certain courses have extra fees associated with them. Occasionally, lab manuals and materials are prepared by the instructor for use in a course in lieu of an externally prepared text, and there is a fee for those materials.


Students participating in practica will be charged on the basis of the credit value of each practica. If the practica carries no credit value, the practica will be charged at the rate of one-half unit for each practica.

Distance Education Administration Fee

Per course (half unit)        $   95.48

The Distance Education administration fee is on top of the regular course fee and applies to most distance-learning courses. Other fees may be assessed for textbooks, course materials and course media. Please note that certain external (off-campus) courses and international courses have specialized fees.

International Student Differential

International visa students $613.81/course in addition to regular tuition fees.


Non-Refundable Fees
Confirmation deposit, first-year (excluding BEd)$100   pay now
Confirmation deposit, first-year BEd$300   pay now
Confirmation deposit, International students$275   pay now
Technology fee$5 per course
Athletics recreation fee$5 per course
Students’ Union fee                                          $19.23 per course
Students’ Union orientation fee                  $35 for each new full-time student - assessed in fall term only
Students’ Union capital campaign fee$3 per course
Refugee Student Program fee$1.59 per course
U-PASS fee$147/ full-time student
Students’ Union health-plan fee for 12 months  $261.50 single
Students’ Union dental-plan fee for 12 months$150.50 single
(All full-time on-campus undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the plans  in the fall term but may opt out up to and including September 30, 2014.  Family coverage is available to be purchased through the Students’ Union. Click here for more information about the Students’ Union Health and Dental Plan.)
Students' Union health-plan fee for qualifying students - winter only  $TBC single
Students' Union dental-plan fee for qualifying students - winter only $TBC single
Students who only qualify for the Students' Union health and/or dental plan in the winter term may join the plan by contacting the Health Plan Administrator at 457- 6532
International student health plan $618.00 single (12 months)
(See policy section for restrictions on opt outs)Family coverage is available through Financial Services


Room and Board Fees


Single room
Birches 1–4$8,915*
Birch 5$5,520 plus $810.26 in flex cash for food services
Westwood (dorm style)$9,670*
Double Room
* includes $3,615 "all you care to eat" meal plan
Apartment Style
Westwood, per occupant$6,348 plus $810.26 in flex cash for food services
Lost meal cards replaced$5
Residence deposit$500   pay now


Commuter Meal Plans

Non-residence Students - A variety of meal plan options may be purchased by non-boarding students. 


Miscellaneous Fees
Application fee, graduate programs$50    pay now
Application fee, BEd$40    pay now
Application fee, all other programs$30    pay now
Challenge examinations fee (must be paid before taking the exam)Half of full rate for course challenged
Prior learning assessment fee

Half of full rate for course assessed

Stage two re-read fee, payable prior to re-read non-refundable$25
Application to Graduate fee
$65   pay now
Trunk-storage fee$40
Locker fee$20
Returned-cheque fee$20


Transcript Delivery Fees

Transcripts will be issued within three working days of receipt of request (not including the day of receipt), except at the end of each term when five or more working days may be required. Regular delivery is by Canada Post (first class) or personal pick up from the Registrar’s Office.

Delivery Charges

Official and unofficial transcripts are provided without charge except when certain delivery methods are requested. Please see below for details.
Delivery by Canada Post (first class) will be provided without charge.
Delivery by courier or expedited service will be at cost.


Delivery by fax will be charged as follows:
Local faxNo charge
Atlantic provinces $10 per destination
Rest of Canada $15 per destination
U.S., Bermuda, Caribbean $25 per destination


When fax is chosen, a hard copy will be sent at no extra charge by regular Canada Post as long as an address is included.

Students are responsible to ensure that transcripts sent by fax are acceptable by the recipient.

Students are responsible to supply the exact delivery address or fax number when requesting these delivery modes.

Students requesting delivery by expedited, courier or fax service must provide payment (cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, debit) at the time of the request.



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