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Welcome to the Mount! Financial Aid is any form of funding that helps to reduce your post-secondary educational costs. The Financial Aid office assists with bursaries, in-course scholarships, Student Works (a need-based employment program), assists with government loan applications and also has a limited reserve of repayable emergency loan funding available to offer current students in unpreventable crisis.

Announcements & Important Dates

  • APPLY NOW for a 2016-2017 Government Student Loan! Loans usually need 4-6 weeks before students can receive any funding (money is only released in September) so apply early to avoid delays. Remember, students are responsible to pay their tuition on time, whether that money comes from them or the government.
  • Financial Wellness Event! The Globe and Mail journalists have been traveling across the country to talk to students about financial literacy and now they are coming to the Mount! Attend this session and learn more about debt, the job market, budgeting, and investing and saving. Join us for the great (and free) event on September 22 from 12:00 – 1:15 pm (location TBA)
  • Student Loan Payments Suspended for Nova Scotians in Fort McMurray. Nova Scotia student loan borrowers who live in Fort McMurray are eligible and will not have to make payments on their NS loans for six months. For more information, please call NS Student Assistance: 1-800-565-8420

Financial Aid 101 - Types of financial assistance

  • Scholarship - non-repayable award based primarily upon academic merit.
  • Bursary - non-repayable award based primarily upon financial need.
  • Government Student Loan - repayable loan based primarily upon financial need and are offered for part and full-time students.
  • Grant - non-repayable award based primarily upon financial need and/or permanent disability status. Students are assessed through the government student loan application.
  • Sponsorship - typically non-repayable funding, issued primarily through an Aboriginal band, corporation and/or government and often pays for a student's tuition/fees and expenses.
  • Part-Time Work Earnings - working while studying helps to supplement financial need while studying (see the Student Works link for more information about our financial need-based employment program).