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Employment authorization (work permits)

There are several jobs for students on campus, such as working in the gym, library or cafeteria. Working on campus allows you to earn extra money and meet new people. If you are a full-time student and want to work on campus, you do not need employment authorization. If you want to work off campus you need one, even for co-op education work terms that are part of your program.

Off-campus work permit
To apply for an off-campus work permit, you must:

  • have a valid study permit
  • be studying at a participating institution (in this case, the Mount)
  • have been a full-time student for at least six of the 12 months preceding your application for a work permit
  • be in satisfactory academic standing (at the Mount, this means having a GPA above 1.7)
  • sign a form authorizing the institution, the province and CIC to share your personal information, in order to confirm that you are continuing to study full-time and that you are in satisfactory academic standing
  • complete a work-permit application on the CIC website
  • include with your work-permit application a payment of $150

You must apply online for the off-campus work permit on the CIC website. Click here to begin your application.

Steps to set up an online off-campus work-permit application:

  • Go to
  • Set up My CIC Account.
  • Request for an eligibility verification number (EVN).
  • Receive email from CIC saying that the Mount has granted your eligibility verification number.
  • Follow the prompts to apply online.

Note: You will have to scan and attach your study permit and passport.
For help with your application please contact Paula Barry, International and Exchange Student Advisor, at or (902) 457-6130.

Post-graduation work permit

You are allowed to work in Canada for up to three years after graduation. You must have proof of graduation to apply to do so. You have up to three months after graduation to apply.

To apply for a post-grad work permit, you must:

  • have a valid study permit
  • have a valid passport
  • have successfully finished all required courses to graduate

Steps to apply for a post-grad work permit:

  • Go to
  • Set up an online account with MyCIC
  • Follow the prompts to apply online

Note: Please scan all documents and upload it when the application prompts you to do so. Please reger to the Documents Checklist for mroe information: Document Checklist 

For more information on this program and how to apply, you should make an appointment with the International Student Advisor.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)If you are getting paid to work, you must apply for a Social Insurance Number, which is also called a “SIN.” You can apply for a SIN at the Canada Employment Centre. The office is in Tower II on the second floor of the Halifax Shopping Centre. Their phone number is 1-800-206-7218.

You can download a SIN application form online on the Service Canada website. The link provided comes with a guide and the application form, available on Page 4. 

To learn more about Social Insurance Numbers and its requirements, please refer to the Service Canada Website on SINs 

If you have found employment on campus you do not require any type of work permit, however, you have to ensure your supervisor fills out an Employment Contract. Bring both the application and contract to the Service Canada office to obtain a SIN.