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Entry Authorization


Depending on where you live and your reason for visitng or entering Canada, you must meet all entry requirements in order to be eligible for a Temporary Resident Visa.  Nationalities listed here require a visa to enter Canada: Do you need a visa?

If you are currently in Canada and you need to renew your Temporary Resident Visa, you can send it to be processed in Ottawa. 

You will need to complete 3 different forms as part of your application. Here are the three forms:

 Along with the above printed forms, you have to send:

1. your valid passport
2. two passport size photos (on the back of the photos write your name and birth date)
3. Photocopy of your immigartion document (eg: study permit, post-grad work permit)
5. Proof of funds from your bank
6. A Bank Draft to "Canadian Consulate General" ($75 for single entry or $150 for multiple entry)
7. Letter of Enrollment from the Mount.
    (To obtain an enrollemnt letter from the Mount, please fill out the Letter Request Form)

After you have all the above stated documents, send it to:

CPP - Ottawa

Temporary Resident Visa Section

365 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON

K1A 1L1


If you require assistance or advice to renew your Temporary Resident Visa, please make an appointment with Paula Barry at or call 1 (902) 457-6130